What are the features of your dream oculink EGPU and should Framework build it?

Framework could consider entering the EGPU market more directly by building an EGPU compatible with full-size desktop cards. The reason for this is that it fits the philosophy of sustainability. The EGPU community is growing and many people prefer just having one system, i.e. having an EGPU at home instead of both desktop and laptop. Framework is already partnering with others on EGPUs, I think it would be a well suited company to go that way, and there is certainly a market for it. Another reason is that it should be possible to add an oculink adapter to the Framework 16 without too much effort (in the graphics card module).

Now, what kind of EGPU are we talking about? Two preliminary suggested avenues:

  • a Razer Core X like EGPU, great build quality, support for oculink, compatibility with Framework’s port adapters (let’s say 4, to add storage, or add periphery). Also, it could have a sliding mechanism similar to Formd T1 or Fractal Terra SFF cases, i.e. could be adjusted from 2 slot to 4 slot GPUs (length 360 mm is set). Compatibility with small power supplies (Corsair SF 750, could be included).

  • a much smaller EGPU like the one dock (but more quiet). Compatibility with 2 port adapters.

Looking forward to discussing (and well, maybe we just print it ;)).

And what are recommended oculink EGPUs already out there?


Personally I wouldn’t have any use for it, even if I was purchasing a FWL16, given that it already has a GPU as an option within the laptop.

I’ll also point out that Framework has said this isn’t something they’re planning.

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Hi, thank you, given the recurrent interest in EGPUs here in other threads and having seen twitter feed of framework where people were providing feedback on what the next product should be, I thought I use a threat to just say: Please, an EGPU ;).

But thanks for the feedback. As the thread is not directly related to the laptop, I guess it can be considered “solved” ;).

I think FW’s a bit busy engineering the laptop at this point, and I for one am keen to see if the enthusiasts in the community come up with something. Would be awesome to see community hardware like that in the Marketplace.

So the thread has value, sure. It’s a laptop accessory. And since Seneral and Josh are working towards an Oculink bay and possibly the dock too on their own time, they certainly may be interested in hearing ideas. Mj1 suggested dual 4i connectors, and I linked an 8i to dual 4i cable. This was rolled in to the idea. So sure, it’s a conversation worth having.

There are a couple of pretty swish Oculink docks on the market but none that I’ve found capable of taking either an 8i or a dual 4i connection.

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Yes, I personally agree fully. I just do not know what philosophy Framework will be following and if it aims to come closer to a company profile like that of Razer, or if it has different plans. Considering Framework just put out a tweet on their twitter praising the race for the first oculink connector, I think it’s on their radar.

But in any case, I am realising myself that I am more and more on these threads to not miss out the incredible things that capable enthusiasts like those you mentioned are building themselves. I will be the first customer ;).

There are more cases, not necessary for gaming when one need a dedicated, specialized video card like for architecture, education, CAD/CAM domains, video editing, AI training etc.
Will be a smart move to have a low cost gpu inside a new 16"’ laptop with an oculink socket.

If I’m not wrong, Framework’s Gpu module is going to use a soon-to-be open source gpu-to-PCIEx8 connector.

For all intents and purposes that puts it on par with most laptops using an oculink for for egpu.

I feel like what the community really needs then, is simply a framework connector to oculink adapter.
Because if you already have an oculink egpu, then you can just use the adapter/cable to plug into the existing framework port. And if you have a framework egpu, such a cable will also let you use your framework gpu with oculink only devices.

I guess if a cable is too basic, I guess an enclosure/dock that enables the framework egpu to be connectable via TB or Oculink via the framework connector would be nice.

I have personally now opted for the current batch of One Dock and hope someone from the community (see thread mentioned above) will build an oculink connector by December when my EGPU and Notebook should arrive ;).

I doubt framework will more seriously join the EGPU market (although the money is lying on the street), but let’s see.