What dgpu wattage fits your usecase? 100w would be tough to justify the size

  • 165w
  • 150w
  • 140w
  • 125w
  • 100w(from leak)

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cant imagine how much people are happy with a 100w in such a sizable 16’’ device.

While it is true that the modular approch limits compactness. it will have a hard time convincing normal users when even a 14inch laptops can pack 125w, not to mention FW16 is chunkier than budget tier gaming laptops that also pack above 100w.

100w simply doesnt fit people’s usecase nor belong to this size catagory in performance laptops, and would lack in performance comparing to a etc legion/scar16 175w 4080 for years to come.

I had high hopes, but this wont be enough professionally nor for leisure

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Well I prefer decent performance with decent battery life. If I need more than that, I’ll just use my desktop.

@Christoph_Straten The power rate can be set from power profiles to a limited rate on the go, which is how most ‘gaming laptop’ dont go up to the advertised maximum voltage unless the ‘turbo’ mode is on.

Lets hope for a ‘decent’ enough performance

Yeah, true. Let’s hope that we’ll have some good choices available. Something like a 7800M would be cool, but I’d also be happy with the performance equivalent to a 7600/6700XT.

I’m curious if framework will offer an upgrade to the recently leaked Strix Halo APUs that perform like a 4060/4070, depending on the power level. I’d happily upgrade to that and swap the dGPU for a battery extension. You’d be able to game at decent settings for 4h+ if everything works out :smiley:

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The interface can support up to 200 watts.

RTX 4050/4060/4070 mobile stop gaining performance at 100 W. Those I am fine with at 100 W. I do hope RTX 4080 and 4080 mobile stretch to 150 W, but I doubt the cooling system can handle it.

As for RX 7000M series, the top end doesn’t exist for laptops. The mid-range does exist and tops out at just 120 W with the RX 7600M XT. I have no idea how the performance scales with wattage.

I’m fine with 100 W.

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@ZacEQWR What is the leak to which you are referring?


That’s only between host and expansion bay, noone is stopping you from putting power inputs on your expansion bay module, 4 200w barrel jack input 4090 module let’s gooooo