What happened to the translucent bezels?

I think I saw the translucent bezels at the march event and the website after the event, but it has disappeared since. Can anyone fill me in as to what happened? Thank you.

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Yep. Transparent bezels were briefly a thing.
Framework tried to make them, but transparent requires a different type of plastic, which behaves different enough during manufacture that Framework was getting a low number of usable bezels. So it would require a new mold just for transparent, and the molds are almost ridiculously expensive. At this time, they just couldn’t justify it. If I recall, they said they hope to try again in the future.


Oh dang, thanks for filling me in on that info!

This would be an excellent use case for 3D printing.

Too big for a single flat print at this time for most personal printers though.

I mean you can always go to a 3d printer service and ask them to make one for you. Though pretty sure that Laptop-sized print beds (especially ones using resins) aren’t too common.

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