What is the difference between the original Webcam Module and 12th/13th Gen?

Wondering if I’ll need to pickup a new webcam module when i upgrade my 11th Gen mainboard in the future. Will the original still be compatible? Will there be new webcam modules for the new AMD mainboards?

Don’t think you need to “upgrade” As far as I know they are all using the same webcam module (Intel models anyways). They are all the same price and 1080p.

Framework | Webcam Module

Nothing wrong with that either… the webcam on my O.G. 11th Gen is still one of the best laptop cameras I have seen.


The only Framework Laptop 13 that uses a different webcam is the Chromebook due to lack of drivers. Framework has not stated that there is a need for a new webcam module, so it is best to assume you will not need to change that.

Do note that if you were to update to an AMD board, you will not be able to use the AX210 that came with the 11th gen intel laptop. That is why you are able to buy a mainboard bundle that comes with a different wifi/bluetooth card.

The webcam is compatible with all FW laptops except for the Chromebook one, this includes the FW16.

Slight correction: The AX210 (included with most Framework laptops so far including IIRC the 11th gen Intel Framework 13 DIY edition) should work with the AMD board, although of course Intel recommends pairing Intel CPUs with Intel Wi-Fi cards and AMD recommends pairing AMD CPUs with AMD Wi-Fi cards. Neither recommend mixing and matching.

The AX201 (11th gen Intel Framework 13 pre-built) and AX211 (Framework Chromebook) on the other hand rely on additional hardware in the CPU which means those cannot work with the AMD CPUs.