What software is running this community site?

I’m really liking this community website and would love to have something similar to migrate my old wordpress/bbpress site. Its starting to get long in the tooth.



Terraria forums run on Xenforo. Interface is slightly old but this allow gigantic forums without making a mess
Discourse is better for smaller forums (such as this starter laptop thing)

As someone who is administrator on a forum that switched from SMF to Xenforo a number of years ago, we lost a lot of active members after the switch because they found the new software intimidating and user unfriendly.

From the admin perspective, the permissions were hell to get right, and the spam control options are basically worthless without paying extra for plugins to add features that are standard on many other forum packages.

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yes. Its rather difficult to navigate.

hm. I never knew that. I know that (from a user perspective) Xenforo allows structuring of threads within topics within “chat lounge” thus, as I mentioned, allow for massive forums without being too messy
Terraria (or rather, ReLogic) implement a regulation where if you are the last person that posts, you cannot post any more content (and must edit your post to include more content). Which I like as it forces people to edit and think more when they write, thus resulting in posts with greater quality and content. This does not prevent a two-person push-pull type of spam, however.

most of the spam we got was people/bots making vaguely relevant posts or threads, then coming back later and editing a bunch of disguised and/or hidden links into the posts, usually to scam or betting sites.

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