Forum software is awful

So, I have no clue if I will be able to make this post. Let’s see what happens.

  1. The Google captcha when signing up makes sense, but it’s not obviously so vital on signing in, because I have to pass the signing-up captcha to make an account in the first place. This is an issue, because completing the captcha is extremely difficult. I tried, and gave up, three times over the course of two days, before managing to log in today. Different people have different experiences of the captcha system; what happens for you in not what happens for all.

  2. I have discovered that the forum appears to have an undisclosed length limit to posts. I say appears, because I’m guessing. When I try to post, I get a dialog which says “403” and nothing else.

  3. When I break up my post into smaller parts, I then find out “new users can only make three replies in one thread”. This when combined with the length limit, is problematic : I CANNOT WRITE ABOUT THE SCREEN ISSUE BECAUSE THE POSTS ARE TOO SMALL AND I CAN NOW ONLY WRITE ONE NEW POST IN THE THREAD.

  4. The limit of three posts in a thread includes deleted posts.

  5. The reason I have deleted posts is because I was trying to figure out what was happening with the undisclosed post length limit.

The limit on posts for new users is problematic because it is often going to be that someone has a problem which causes them to sign up. Preventing those users from posting properly is the most singularly unhelpful act possible at that time.

Minor secondary issues, which may be me getting things wrong;

  1. I can see other people can quote replies, but I can’t see any way in which to do this, so I’m making new replies and indicating in the writing which earlier replies and given material is in response to.

  2. Drafts appear to be saved, even if you choose “do not save draft”.

  3. Emoji are automatically converted into icons. I can’t stand icons, so I now type all my emoji with an extra space in, to prevent this from happening.

  4. The forum software is highly interruptive. It continually throws messages at you while you are trying to focus on writing a post or reply.


I don’t know about a post length limit, I’ve seen some pretty long posts. The post limit only applies to new users to prevent spam. I’m sorry that you’ve had some bad experiences thus far. The captcha shouldn’t be triggered every time you log in.


another thing to note is that if you are having an issue, you can send a message to support, which has no length limit, and will get you in contact directly with the Framework team. That being said, this is something for the team to look into as it is definitely a point of friction for new users who want to document issues they are having.


GhostLegion - I saw the same kind of behaviour on the Amazon Web Services forums.

New users can post once a day.

What was happening was users would run into some serious problem, need help immediately, in their urgency and need make a forum account, post and explain the situation… and find they could not reply to any replies they received, because they were limited to one post per day.

In my experience (Firefox for both mobile and desktop), highlighting the text you want to quote causes a ‘"quote’ button to appear below the highlighted text. Clicking that creates a new post editing window with the quote at the top.

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This annoyed me as well in the beginning. I think I’m just way too old and used to the old stuff like phpBB, because it took me months to figure out that you highlight text to get a quote option…

Are you referring to sign-in-with-google here? In that case, I suspect this is Google’s captcha, not Framework. And in anti-spam efforts, the fact that you proved yourself not a robot when signing up is not strictly relevant: if your account details have leaked in a data breach somewhere (remember: most people re-use login credentials), spambots can attempt to use those login credentials on every place they can to do their work.

I don’t use google sign-in here though, and don’t think I’ve ever run into a captcha. At least not recently.

This sounds like a bug. 403 is the error code for “Forbidden”, as in, “You are not allowed access to this service.” What I would expect in the “too long” scenario, if that exists, is probably 400 - Bad Request (and that it should be gracefully handled in Frontend).

All that said: I’m not sure if it’s just me being old and grumpy, but this specific forum software is really annoying to me, and what’s even more annoying is that pretty much every second website on the internet that needs a forum has switched to it… :stuck_out_tongue:

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