What your dream-spec'ed FL16 would be like?

If you could dream up a FL16 system with every possible piece of tech that’s available today, what would it be like?

If your spec is bleeding edge, feasible in a research facility / condition, I would like to hear about that too.

I’ll go first:

  • CAMM support, up to a total of 128GB ECC system memory.
  • 4k mini/micro LED panel, touch panel.
  • Foldable lid / 360 hinge.
  • 2mm+ key travel, wireless detachable keyboard
  • 4 NVMe SSD support.
  • Speakers with Atmos support.
  • Haptic trackpad.
  • 1080p webcam, 43mm2 sensor, with Windows Hello support.
  • 4k non-touch matte low power LTPS with 100% srgb or better and 400+ nits brightness
  • 64gb+ RAM
  • 2+ NVMe slots
  • full sized arrow keys, good layout with home, pg up, down and end keys and good keyboard travel mechanical keyboard
  • touchpad with dedicated hardware buttons
  • removable extra battery
  • no parts hotter than 45c

It’s sad that these have to be dreams & not just expected.

I think 75% size should be the minimum. Like on Thinkpad keyboards. Any smaller really sacrifices usability. It’s one thing that I find really disappointing about Framework. Also, not having page up & page down keys placed along with the arrow keys, again like Thinkpads do. This feels like a natural location for them.

Thinkpad vs Framework-13 vs Framework-16

Somehow, Framework is only getting worse here.


It will have to have a minigun


commited future support for 240w typec charging (no wattage limitation to 140w(125+15) gpu tdp once that charger becomes available)
ultra low profile mechanical keyboard?
good cooling&reasonable weight

AMD/AMD build. Lots of cores lots of RAM.

Edit: Extra M2 2280 slots, so at least 2 of them. More would be nice.
The Zbook Fury I use at work quite cleverly used a 2.5" storage space by overlapping a pair of M.2 sockets in the same case area, and it has 2 more hidden somewhere else in the guts of the thing. Lots of storage spaces on a big laptop like that. FW16, hoping we have at least 2 m.2 slots.

Considering how unimpressive the AMD dGPUs are currently, I’d be interested in at least considering an external desktop GPU that leverages the 8-pin PCIe. We’ll see, huh?

Sounds like an expansion bay project


@Martynas , will this do?



https://www.amd.com/en/graphics/amd-radeon-rx-laptops - it’s a little depressing, the product stack is taking far too long to roll out.

AMD have no mid or high end mobile graphics options out there. They barely have the entry level released. High end never really materialised last gen.

Oh well. There’s leaks indicating a 7800m is being explored, at least. If that never shows up external might be the answer for me, and others may just go team green for lack of alternatives.

Yeah, the 7800m XT leaked benchmark looks promising.

I would like to have the Framework FL16 with the following:
Intel i9-13980HX processor
Touch screen 4K
128 or 192 Gb RAM
2+ NVMe slots
10Gb network
If not, I’ll buy the following when they get to upgrade it to the Intel 13 generation processor:
ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold OLED

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Sure, it looked sufficient - at least for me, as an occasional gamer with a mostly-for-work 4k screen to leverage. But they test a lot more models than they ever release. So, nothing’s real until it hits retail, IMO.

Ditto. Same here, I’ll believe it when I can buy it. (Leaks are just leaks)

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Dream spec?

  • HQ depth-sensing camera module
  • Sensel touchpad
  • eSim
  • RFID reader implemented into the fingerprint sensor (and integrated into device security)
  • 360 hinge, QD-OLED touch panel
  • 2nd NVME m.2 2280
  • ‘standard’ specs would include 64GB RAM, at least octacore 4Ghz CPU, GPU equivalent to desktop 3070

I would like FL16 to include:

  • bezel-less 4k LTPO touch OLED panel 1500+ nits, 100% Rec. 2020
  • 360 hinge with pencil for drawing
  • Haptic trackpad with dedicated HW buttons
  • Ryzen 9 7945HX
  • RTX4090
  • 128GB Ram ddr5 8000mhz
  • 10gb network wifi 6E
  • eSim support
  • Windows hallo IR scanner
  • 100wh battery
  • 240w charger

Honestly, what i’d love to see is DJ controllers to slot in where the keyboard goes, along with a 3.5mm mic jack, and audio component out (although 2 2.5mm headphone jacks will do). Of course there would need to be some software that can make use of this hardware, I don’t even think windows can support 2 sepearte audio output channels, but I heard linux can?

When I say DJ controllers what I’d love to see is:

2 channels each including:
jog wheel (preferrably with inner and outer ring)
pitch slider
que button
play/pause button
I hate to say this but auto sync button

A mixer including:
cross fader
volume faders for each channel
low/mid/high/gain knobs for each channel
mic level knob

Nothing more on the controller, no space waisted extra hot ques or effects, just the good old fashioned essentials. That way there’s more room for as big as possible jog wheels and pitch sliders.

Of course it would be really hard make hardware that doesn’t protrude too much, They would need to be really short knobs and faders for the case to still close.

I can’t picture framework or any dj compaines finding it worth thier time and effort to make this. But one can dream.


Nvidia A6000 GPU with all 48GB Vram.
Compatibility with full socket desktop processors.
Up to 128GB of RAM.
Up to 20TB of storage.
Liquid cooling for all components with specifically made slim waterblocks, removing heat through solid state cooling chips instead of a traditional radiator.
3-4k OLED display panel.
Touchpad can be used as a stylus surface.
3-button touchpad, track point right above it, integrated spacemouse into the keyboard.
Physical equalizer sliders built into the keyboard, along with a volume dial.
Webcam can pop out slightly and swivel for video calls.
Swappable batteries to be able to handle this much load, as well as up to two chargers (one for normal usage, one for full gpu load).

The reason I’m going to buy a Framework is because I see most of these being possible in the near future. (rip gpu though, very unlikely that will ever happen) Maybe not from framework, but that’s fine.

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For mine it would be the Sun Type 4 UNIX keyboard layout with Control where it’s supposed to be (ie: where people put the useless caps lock key), two meta keys and a compose key, ESC to the left of the 1 and backtick above backspace… no arrow keys.

Next, no fn lock or weird mysterious icons on the Fx keys, just function keys thanks. If it’s not possible to control all those things via software, I would want that fixed as well.

Next, a +13 module on the right with a full arrow cluster, insert/home/etc, and the Print Screen/SysRq, Scroll Lock, and Pause/Break keys.

Finally, the touchpad would have three proper buttons under it.

Deeper into the dream realm, a modern WiFi card with open documentation… and a bank of eight full sized nvme slots where my GPU isn’t going.

The ethernet card would be flush and have that nifty (complex, fragile) pop-out RJ45 connector I remember from decades ago.

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Oooo… a proper docking bay connector and a proper dock… basically, a version of this on steroids: ThinkPad Advanced Dock - ThinkWiki

  • 16" 16:10 3840x2400 OLED 120Hz with 4096 pressure sensitiv touchscreen (so pen supportet) with a 360° hinge (or sth, which works too, like the surface studio thing).

  • Then an Oculink 8i port for eGPU and Displayport IN

  • 99Wh battery

  • Displayport 2.1 and HDMI 2.1 (over USB-C if possible).

  • Ethernet Port

  • very low power draw

  • very high batterylife (because of low power draw, not because of the big battery)

  • exchangeable battery

  • expandable cooling for desktop-replacement. But it has to be easily removed and attached, when you want to go away

  • undervoltable

  • better prices

That would be “dream” while it is unrealistiv.

This would be a bit more realistic:

  • 16" 16:10 3840x2400 OLED 120Hz with 4096 pressure sensitiv touchscreen (so pen supportet) with a 360° hinge (or sth, which works too, like the surface studio thing).

  • Then an Oculink 8i port for eGPU

  • Low power draw.

For sure it must have a big CPU like the actual 16" laptop.