Alcantara Input Module

This is my first post here. I have been following Framework since the first laptop launched but I have been unable to convince myself to purchase a machine due to the QoL features I have been afforded with my surface laptop. With the recent unveiling of the Input Modules, I wanted to request if it would be possible to add Alcantara options for palm rests. I have found it incredibly nice to use on my current laptop but it does see a lot of wear and tear (leading to me wanting a quick way to replace it hence wanting it on the most repairable laptop). I personally do prefer a 13-14 inch size but if such an addition would only be possible on the 16-inch, I would be ok with that.

Aside from Alcantara, it would be nice to see a few other additions that can similarly be found on a surface laptop like the following
-Touch Screen
-Magnetic Charging

Thank you and I would love to hear any suggestions/recommendations. Very excited about the future of Framework and hope that some of these would be considered for future updates


Just following up on this post since we got a little more screentime of the Framework 16" on the LTT channel. Given we are getting what appear to be material accents with input modules (wood grain, carbon fiber) that seems like a great way to introduce varying materials not only as accents but maybe for the main input modules like the touchpad and keyboard. Not sure how much that would translate over to my dream Framework 13" but figured I should mention that.

Alcantera would definitely be nice to have on the lower layer input modules, possibly around the touchpad. Makes a lot of sense as they could be easily replaced if it gets gross.

@Nich_Trimble Yeah Alcantara unfortunately does get kinda gross over time. With my current laptop, it is still in pretty great condition but you can tell there is some minor wear and tear (especially in high-activity parts of the keyboard and the edges since they get nicked every once in a while).

I have only had the machine for about 2 years now which is somewhat concerning for long-term use. I don’t know if I will have this machine for another 5 years (that is the hope at least) so if Framework (or the community) is able to roll something out in the future, I may be able to hop off of surface devices and transition to Framework machines.

Well, from my uncle’s surface (as I’m the one who recommend it to him), after 1 year of non-intensive daily usage, his Alcantara had start wearing out hence the southern hot and wet weather.
Maybe it’s a little bit on the contrary of green and low co2 emit? IDK XD
For me I will pick metal panel for sure as it has better longevity.

@NOOB it certainly isn’t a perfect material for everyone and it definitely has some problems in more humid environments however having the option I think would be nice.

To the point about it being a potential CO2 emitter, according to their website, they are carbon neutral and are actively working towards using more sustainable resources for their material including recycled polyester.

I 100% understand if you believe that metal would be a better choice and totally respect it but in the past, I have come to dislike metal interiors on laptops. They can be extremely cold or incredibly hot (depending on the circumstance) leading to a somewhat uncomfortable experience.

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Yep, that why I said “from the longevity aspect”, for the presence, I think plastics are still the “better” choice as they are easy to fabricate.
And thx for the link to their website!

@NOOB I can’t say for sure how renewable the Alcantara material might be but potentially if Framework enters into a relationship with the manufacturer, they could create a program in which you can send your module to the company. They can recycle it for a future input module or another Alcantara-based product. Basically, as it wears down you can swap it out with another unit while the previous one can be recycled into something new. Definitely a lot of logistical problems but it would be nice. I am just spitballing but it is mostly cause I do really enjoy the material.