What's the bar for constructive critism on the forum?

There seems to be an undocumented [to my knowledge] bar / a minimal requirement for constructive criticism. Does anyone have a link to it?

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Sorry, what do you mean?
If you mean that some forum users may respond defensively to criticism about Framework, I think the tone / wording of the criticism can be a significant factor.

I think Framework has quite a few users who consider Framework to be doing something sorely needed in laptops, consumer electronics, and just consumer products in general. Being so very tired of the crap other companies put out and having no other decent choice. Due to this more users might post in defense of Framework over criticism that they feel is unfair or just minor in their opinion. It’s the nature of people to some extent. Perhaps a contributing factor is the customizable, open, and repairable aspects of Framework. It can make their laptop feel more personal to them.


Seems pretty clear cut to me:
Community Guidelines - Getting Started - Framework Community



Framework as a company or a product is by no means perfect. No one is, but damn are they ticking most of the right boxes and doing the things that many in the industry didn’t want to even attempt in any meaningful way.

If something is wrong with the product/service/company then call it out. Just do it with respect and in-line with the Community Guidelines.

Framework shouldn’t be compared to other industry titan’s as they are offering what the others won’t or can’t with their limited (by comparison) resources. They may get things wrong from time to time, but the attitude the company has to their users and their cause is quite simply sensational.

We need more companies like Framework. The world needs more companies like Framework.


I posted [what I believe was] a post providing constructive criticism to a video of a presentation. But it was deemed non-constructive by [unknown], and moderated by @Matt_Hartley for post deletion.

That post deletion, followed by a PM from Matt stating it was non-constructive prompted this question: What’s the bar to be deemed “constructive”?

The points made were not “this is bad, this is bad, that is bad too”. They indicated areas for improvement in the future.

I thought so too…until a post was deleted by moderator stating it was non-constructive.

Seeing as that post was deleted, do you really think you are following community guidelines by rehashing it here? Furthermore, would it not have been prudent to follow up with Matt directly as he is the one who moderated it? As it was moderated I have removed the portion you rehashed. If you would like particular action changed please dicuss it directly with Matt. My personal request would be to let it go and not waste his valuable time with such minor grievances.

I will try to help nonetheless, but your post criticizes an engineer for not being a fantastic PR representative. Things which are subjective for most. I see it as a matter of tact, but does your post add something constructive or is it just a petty criticism?

Honestly, I don’t want this to turn into some long philosophical discussion. Humans run things around here, perfection is not attainable, and things will be done that don’t please everyone. Please clarify directly with Matt if you must.

That’s the intent.

I thought it did.

The community guidelines linked above have all the information necessary. If you have further questions, please send a DM to the moderators (type “moderators” into the recipient field).