When can Chinese fans buy the framework laptop?

really want one,have watched the video from bilibili,Linus`s introducing framework laptop


Hi, welcome to the Framework forum!

Framework seems to be very interested in expanding to the international market, but the laws and tax details associated with selling internationally are extremely difficult to navigate, especially for such a small company. If you’re willing to pay a significant premium due to shipping and double tax, along with risking lack of warranty and service, it’s possible to order through a forwarding service. Otherwise, it’s probably best to just wait until whatever unspecified time Framework is able to work out the legal details for shipping to China.

(If you want more general-purpose information about this, a lot of international fans are stuck in a similar situation. Junaruga put together a really useful compilation of the relevant threads here.)


i saw the same video last week, immediately loving it so much!!!



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Could you maybe link that video here?

Oh really?

I’m surprised, to be honest, that something like the Framework laptop would be wanted in China. I always kind of imagined the electronic markets being so abundant there that it really didn’t matter. No matter the device you could get it fixed, etc.

I guess this is true if you are close to a big city like Hong Kong, but not so realistic if you are not.

But right on! Let’s hope things continue to go well for Framework and they become a global force that helps to change the industry for the better!

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There may be a rich electronic market here, but we need manufacturers like farmwork to design such products. Anyway, you are all open-minded in this industry! Forgive my software translation.

I hope the official can stay on this video website, which is the largest original video platform in China, similar to Youtube. There are many people here to discuss your products

Ahh so you meant the Linus Tech video just with Mandarin subtitles.

Absolutely. The world needs Framework!

I would say that opinions are quite polarized. There are people who still want thinner/lighter/glued-together ultrabooks and think Framework will go out of business because most consumers are not “tinkerers” and would rather throw away their device than attempt a repair (which is sort of ironic, considering the popularity of modular PCs). On the other hand this thread is good proof that many of us would readily embrace a repair friendly laptop of the likes of Framework.
Hopefully FW will show up on jd.com sometime within the next year. There is a really, really hardcore hardware enthusiast community here that will love this device!


That warms my heart to hear!


I like it, I need it!! I want to buy it! Please open the purchase in China🇨🇳!!
Or handsome anyone tell me how to buy in China area!


I too am waiting for fw to appear on jd.com or at least for their website to show Chinese shipping options😂 can someone weigh in and tell us if it is at least being considered?

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Please consider to official support ship to China, can’t waiting to purchase one!!!

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“We’re bringing the Framework Marketplace to the UK and Europe soon. Laptop orders ship directly from Taiwan”
This is the original word of the official mail, it has been shipped from Taiwan, why can’t it be forwarded to China?

Welcome! :slight_smile: Sadly Framework is a US based company, and since US has made some in my mind, anti-competitive and unreasonable decisions regarding china, and exports. I’m not sure it’ll get there for a while. That said good luck!

Edit: I don’t know much about the policies. Just a gist. It is very possible that it can be purchased there without political complications!