Ordering outside US using shipping forward

So first off I am living in Japan. I know you are planning to expand to more countries in the future but that could be quite a wait.

I buy all sorts of things using a shipping forwarder based in California but since you only accept credit card payments there is no way for me to purchase atm.

Are there plans to open up more purchasing options? If you accepted paypal then I would be able to use my Japanese credit card and my shipping forwarding.


We will be adding additional payment options over time, but recommend waiting until we officially launch in your region before ordering.


@SeaDaddy It seems your situation is the exact opposite my own. I typically purchase Japanese products and import them to the United States.

I was able to make a pre-order with non-US debit card (since my country is unlikely to have it officially anytime soon). It would be a very expensive thing though considering import tax, US tax, shipping, additional ISO keyboard later…
I hope, forwarding won’t be an issue.

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@M_K How were you able to fill in a non-US billing address if your debit card is non-US?

@nrp regarding Europe, I know you already planned to launch there by the end of the year. However, did you plan to have a EU based warehouse ? Or will it be a regular international shipping on which we will have import tax + duties ?

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but recommend waiting until we officially launch in your region before ordering.

@nrp what are your concerns in the situation that people try to use a shipping forwarding service at the moment?

We don’t have support or warranty service outside of our shipping regions.

We don’t have support or warranty service outside of our shipping regions.

Could you clarify more about the support?

  • a. What the support means? A user cannot contact from https://support.frame.work/ - “Contact Us”, but the person still can use this community forum?
  • b. When a user bought the FW laptop outside of your shipping regions, then after you support possibly at the end of this year, the user can use the support?
  • c. When a user bought the FW laptop outside of your shipping regions, then, they relocate to inside of your shipping regions, the user can use the support?
  • d. When a user bought the FW laptop inside of your shipping regions, then, they relocate to outside of your shipping regions, the user cannot use the support?

I would also be concerned about this. I appreciate warranty service will not be available if I am outside of the shipping region but I would expect the same level of normal support wherever I might be (apart from those countries where the US bans support services).

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I heard about Framework on a BBC radio program about being able to repair “stuff” in the UK. I would not necessarily expect the BBC to say that this Laptop wasn’t available in the UK but they did mention it as if it were.

Considering info in this thread, any way to import this Laptop means both US taxes, UK import taxes and shipping costs and maybe VAT at 15% ? , if imported without support in the UK means no warranty. Accepted that most of these costs apply to anything made outside the UK

Framework don’t quote when they will ship to other countries, not even an estimate, but considering this could be one of ten or twenty countries or more then I can’t expect the UK to be top of the pile and of course they are under no obligation to ship elsewhere.

Sadly without any information on availability this excellent idea isn’t practical for me, and I think I will unsubscribe from the newsletters as they only prove to be an irritation. The BBC may get a note from me though, but only after I replay the radio program to check they didn’t mention the availability problem.

Good luck to Framework and all those buying the Laptop.


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Re shipping forwarding to Australia, from memory of personal experience, anything over $1000AUD has steep Australian import duties (about 40%). Perhaps things have changed since though. In 2018 I had tried to import two $500USD motorbike helmets to Australia in the same shipment, yet had them returned from customs due to import duties, whereas if I did seperate shipments it would have been fine.

This is similar in Indonesia and Malaysia too, both with their own threshold (from memory Indonesia was $100USD and Malaysia was $400USD).

Singapore is one of the few countries on the eastern side of the world without hefty import duties; pre-covid it was economical for digital nomads and travelling libertarians to rent post office boxes inside the Changi airport.

Perhaps for countries with a reasonable import duty threshold, instead of setting up local distribution, a single order could be spread across multiple shipments which items max out well before the destination’s import duty threshold.

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It’s about 100 dollars for import tax for a 1100 USD dollar machine, nothing else.

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I’m currently in Australia and the prices are not 40% as long as you use a customs broker, which should be included if you’re using a global shipping service. My laptop just arrived last week and for import duties were only A$170 ish (for a US$ 1200 DIY configuration). I had to pay a total of $280 after service fees which I think is still significant, but not 40% significant. A mate had to pay extra because they decided to sign up for a customs license.

I used to live in Indonesia before moving here, you are correct that the threshold is US$100, customs + duty tax is 17.5% if you’re local (and have a local tax file) otherwise it’s 25%.


I recently shipped a Used GPD Pocket to Australia From the US and it took about 2.5 weeks and costed 10% in tariffs and taxes and the shipping was around $45.

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Imported one into the UK was ÂŁ198.86 total with customs and everything.
My framework order was shipped on the 16th and got to Stackry on the 20th. I then had to have Stackry check the box due to it containing battery’s for $5 at the same time I had them add extra bubble wrap/fragile stickers for a extra $5. This was completed on the 23th and the parcel was sent to me using FedEx International Priority. On the 24th it landed in the UK and I paid customs. It should get here Monday morning can’t wait to play with it.

@reality404 How did it go? Am also in the UK and my current laptop is on it’s last legs and won’t make it to the end of the year, and given the lack of movement on international shipping I don’t think I’m going to wait much longer for Framework to launch over here.

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Same here. I may do what reality404 did. I am in need of a new laptop. Let’s hope framework opens international shipping this month!

It’s highly unlikely they will, it’s November or December as NRP has said end of the year.

I’m living in Japan and developing Mechanical keyboard kits, and I want to order one for samples for development.
Or can I get documents about dimention of mainboards and other parts?