When Installing A New Version Of Windows On My Laptop, I Am Unable To Detect The Drive

Hi Folks,

I recently purchased a laptop with an Intel 8th generation vPro processor, which I believe is the most recent model, but I’m having trouble detecting my drive while installing a new window.

I also spoke with the technical support team, but I have yet to receive a solution; please assist me in getting out of this situation.

Which Windows installation media are you using?

Does it detect other NVME drives?

Double check if your drive is set to RAID in the UEFI or BIOS. Some business class machines will have RAID turned on out of the factory, which the Windows installer usually won’t see without drivers.

Just to clarify, this isn’t the FW laptop, correct? As 8th gen hasn’t been new in quite some time…

Not that it not being a FW laptop would change users wanting to help you, it would just be helpful to know.

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I think the version of windows might be relevant information as well.

Plus which laptop you’re installing on, as itt clearly is not a Framework one.