Windows 10 Install -Stuck "We couldn't find any drives."

Just got the laptop and put it together. I am using an SK hynix SATA M.2 SSD that I took out of my old laptop. I deleted the partitions using my desktop, installed the SSD in the laptop, and am trying to install Windows 10. I created a windows instillation media on my desktop running windows.
When I get to the point of selecting where I want to install windows, there is nothing in the list. It shows a message: “We couldn’t find any drives. To get a storage driver, click Load Driver.” I have re-seated the SSD. It doesn’t show up in the BIOS either.
My best guess is that it wont show because it’s SATA and not NVMe, but I don’t know. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes. Your drive must be a NVME based M.2 SSD. If when you power on your laptop and you push F2 (you have to spam it but continually pushing it over and over while the laptop is powering on) see if the drive is recognized in the BIOS, but most likely because nothing is presented to the Windows installer, your drive is not recognized due to the type of drive.


Don’t forget Fn+F2 :stuck_out_tongue: Just pressing F2 will not work.

It depends on whether or not you have locked the function key. I don’t know anything about that, because I have NEVER pushed FN + F2 to get into the bios settings. As far as I’m aware the userspace function of those keys is not loaded until your are into Windows or Linux userspace.

I will have to try it… I always assumed and since always have done it that way lol.

I didn’t have to hold down the FN key. Just waiting for my NVMe to come in today, hopefully it’ll work.

Well I put the new NVMe drive in and the bios recognizes it. Now I am having an issue where before I get to select the drive in the windows install, it gives me a message saying “A media driver your computer need is missing…”

I was having this issue before I got the new drive, but was able to get around it by removing all of the modules before clicking Install Now, but this no longer works.

My issue is similar to this one but I did create my installation media on a windows 10 machine.
I even double checked it is valid by doing a full format of my USB3 drive (after I got this error the first time) and recreating the installation media.

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It appears plugging the laptop in got rid of the “A media driver your computer need is missing…” error.
But now, after clicking “I don’t have a product key”, I get an error saying “Windows cannot find the Microsoft Software Licence Terms.”

EDIT: After restarting the computer I’m back at the "A media driver your computer need is missing…” error.

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Honestly, your install media sounds janky. Are you sure you have a normal Windows 10 install media? Did you purchase a license through Framework?

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Yeah, I agree, sounds like you need to re-download the media creation tool and create a USB installer again.

I didn’t purchase a license through Framework. I have a license associated with my Microsoft account. I’ll try a different USB drive and re-download the installer.

Ok, different usb key and re-downloading the creation tool worked. My computer is running!