When will batch 3 start going out?

When will batch 3 start shipping? I can’t wait to get my new baby

Sometime between right now and the heat death of the universe, inclusive.

Unfortunately that’s the best estimate I have for you.


Looking at the previous batches, I think mid to late this month would be the best estimate. Depending on supply and other issues, we could see it going all the way to early/mid October. I do hope it’s earlier since it is I am a part of batch 3 myself.

Yeah, I’d expect later than earlier, unfortunately. A shame, but worth the wait.

That’s the closest estimate I’ve heard to date…

Isn’t acceptable for me… I’m running on a clunker right now and couldn’t wait that long…

I hear you @Reese_Borel. My HP just started spazzing out. The screen flickers unless I gently push the corner for a few seconds.
Hopefully it will hold out long enough.

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Not much, but it’s something.

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@Andrew_Holden My 7 year old Toshiba is permanently running at 100% disk usage. Tried formatting the other night to install Linux and maybe squeeze some extra life out of it, now it doesn’t run at all! I’m on pins and needles for this Framework.

@Reese_Borel @Mikhail_Licas It’s happening!


I got the same msg Trevor did, in an email (10 pm last evening, the 7th).
I have been struggling with a crippled Dell for almost a year and a half. Celery dual core is so slow . . . . . . . . …
[insert image [spinning wheel]]

anxious to get my diy kit. time to upgrade to a 4k to use as a monitor.
how big a screen do i want to do computer work and enjoy watching movies and tv?



You talking about doing both at the same time? You could theoretically use the frameworks display alongside a monitor. I’m currently rocking an HP Omen 27" for my main screen with a Acer 23" as an off-screen for my desktop. The Omen is only 1440p but it still looks pretty good and fits my needs. I couldn’t imagine going much bigger than this, but I guess it depends on your needs.