When will Batch 1 and 2 of the AMD Framework Laptop Ship?

Hello, I was wondering when the batch 1 and batch 2 will ship, Batch 1 should have already shipped and since im in batch 2 that was supposed to ship in august, when it would be shippping and if you guys could give any addiotnal information or update on the delay. Thanks for the help.

Batch 2 is listed as “Late Q3” so it may not ship until end of September. No news on batch 1 as far as I know. We are all hanging out being patient.


The last bit of unofficial news I spotted was the appearance on LTT a month or so ago. They said they were still working on the drivers at the time. World Exclusive: Upgrading my Laptop to AMD - YouTube

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No one is able to pin an official statement confirming shipment as early as they’d like, so all we have is that Batch 2 is “Late Q3” so Batch 1 is logically before “Late Q3”

delayed game… eventually good… think: duke nukem forever


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Late Q3 to early Q4.

Can someone share how long it takes for the laptops to be shipped from Taiwan to Canada? I assume they are sent by air and not by slow container boat shipping?

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Batch 2 7840U preorder here. (edit: 7480U → 7840U because numbers confusing)

No idea how much of a minority I am, but not bothered by the slight delay at all, especially since I’d rather get quality product later than broken product early.

I never needed a notebook anyway, and I just wanted to support Framework+AMD.


I’m also Batch 2 7480u.
I am on the same page @Richard_Lee1, the delay is not bothering me too much, espcially since they communicated it in a very open way. Right now i’m really just concerned about two factors, stability of the system and power consumption.

I think we can bet that it’ll be fixed before ship, if not then by firmware, and in extreme cases hardware swap, based on how they’ve addressed issues in the past.

Shipping address is to Canada but needs to be delivered before Nov 8th before my father brings it to me in NZ. So i’m curious on how many weeks shipping would take ex-Taiwan to Canada? Since Covid, international shipping has been a nightmare and horribly slow.