When's the birthday of your Framework laptop?

Mine is two days from now.

Has your laptop had its first birthday celebration yet?


Birthday? It’s a laptop! Don’t you think you exaggerate?

You think? Captain Obvious.

Hey, from what I’ve seen from the community, if there is any laptop people are getting sentimentally attached to, its the Framework lol. Maybe the Ikea effect of everyone needing to do some assembly to get it running.

Still a while to go for my framework, I think it’s somewhere near the 6 moth mark now.


I believe I received mine 2022/08/05, certainly the first week if August 2022.
So yes, mine has just had it’s first birthday.
Batch 1, 1185.

It assembled easily, WiFi antennas were a little tricky. And has been running solidly.
Ubuntu on a 256 expansion card, Win10 on the main drive.

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I think it is fun to track the birthday :smiley: I also like giving things names. Does anyone here have a name for their framework laptop?
I didn’t receive mine yet, so no birthday or name yet :frowning:


Mine is “fairywren”. I name all of my computers after birds (with the first letter matching the computer or motherboard manufacturer).

Birthday is Sept. 3, IIRC…



Birthday is Saturday, Sept 03, 2022.

Counting the day I setup Gentoo Linux and it booted successfully.

Captain Obvious :wink: :slight_smile:

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