Missing ML1220 battery

I did read the post at Which rechargeable RTC battery can I use in Framework Laptop 13?

Don’t want to have any issues with working with files should we experience a prolonged power outage here and I accidentally run the main battery out.

Not happy the RTC battery isn’t stocked in the marketplace yet.

Thought about buying one with solder tabs from Digikey and removing the casing and tabs, but concerned that those batteries could be several years old already.

And some vendors like one given in another post on this topic to an Amazon link, require purchasing 2 or more batteries at a time and/or it necessitates an extra shipment from across the country to get to me, so this move to not include the coin battery isn’t all that more environmentally-friendly and is just creating extra hassle and expense for me. Plus I have the usual concerns about buying possibly counterfeit or poor quality batteries from some random online vendor.

Guess I’ll wait for the battery to appear in the marketplace but this means I’ll need to crack open my case again later to install it, which I was hoping to not have to do.

I bought one of these for me 12th gen board in the CoolerMaster case and it seems to work fine!

You should be able to contact support about getting a new ML1220 if you have an 11th gen laptop, otherwise, you can purchase a battery such as the one linked here.

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Plenty sources online. Well there are in the UK. My original died but while waiting for Framework to send me another I bought a Panasonic and its been working fine. I trust that over the “off brand” standard issue.

Seems to hold the charge longer. If you buy one, may as well get two.

I wanted a Varta one but seems they don’t make them anymore.

Have you tried

Yup, first place I ordered and I got a Panasonic and not a Varta.

Seems they stopped making them.

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