Which mainboards does the Cooler Master Mainboard Case support?

The configurator page only mentions 13" 11th gen intel:

The product page doesn’t explicitly mention compat besides 13" mainboard, which may mean only supports prior shipped mainboards:

This youtube video demos only using the case with the intel board, then when installing the amd board in the laptop also mentions the amd boards are layed out a tiny bit different:

This answer confirms 12th gen support:

What about 13th gen intel support, or amd support? Or more specifically (for future purposes as well) will any mainboard that fits within the 13" laptop be suitable for the cooler master case?

For comparison, Apple on their product and software pages will not just mention compatibility with a category, but will mention the compatibility with each model within a category.

Those will fit, yes.

Anything that fits in the current Framework-13 frame should fit in the current coolermaster case. Framework could redesign the Framework-13 so that future boards don’t fit, but I think they would try hard not to do that, as their goal is upgradability and repairability by keeping parts compatible as long as possible.


The coolermaster case did not fit my amd mainboard. Whether this was isolated (just an issue with my mainboard, or case, or both) or the actual standard, I’m unsure:

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Odd. I hope it was just due to getting a badly formed cooler master case. But the scraping you had to do for the PCB protrusions gives me pause.

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Oh no. Looks like there may be a board edge change that slipped in that make the AMD boards incompatible with the cooler master case. And from what you said in the other thread, maybe the AMD holes are slightly smaller too.

From Mainboard Replacement Guide, Step 10

Though it looks like that should be a problem with the laptop case too. Haven’t noticed anyone mention issues there.

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