Will the cooler master case be compatible with framework 16s dGPU?

I want to know if the current cooler master case for the main board will be compatible with the swappable GPU from the 16 inch frame work laptop.

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No. The current cooler master case is for the Framework-13 motherboard, not the Framework-16. The Framework-13 motherboard cannot connect to the Framework-16 GPU expansion module.


For the expansion bay GPU, as I recall, Framework previously mentioned that they would provide a way to adapt the expansion bay module as an eGPU. I would expect that it could then be connected over USB4/TBT4 to any device supporting PCIe tunneling over USB4/TBT4.

TL;DR, yes, at some point in the future, with the eGPU enclosure that Framework will make.

I hope there will be a cooler master case for the 16 motherboard. That is a nice appeal for upgrading down the road.

It’s just 3D printing or molding some plastic. I see no reason why such a case should not be available as soon as the first 16" MBs rotate out of laptops.

The eGPU enclosure was more a proof of concept. We don’t know if or when Framework will release a real one. If they do release one, then it would be compatible with the FW13 mainboard via USB-C. Wouldn’t matter if you were using the Cooler Master case or if it was still in the laptop chassis.