Which option to choose to have the backlight keyboard?

I wanted to book a latop 16 framework but I don’t see the option for the keyboard to be backlit like gaming keyboards are.

On the other hand, can the order be modified once it has been placed? For example removing components or adding components keeping the delivery date? .

What kind of backlighting do you want? You say like gaming keyboards, those are often RGB / full color. Currently, “RGB Clear ANSI” and “RGB US English” offer that.
All other keyboards have white-only backlighting.

Click on “details” under any keyboard option while configuring a Framework Laptop 16, and you’ll see it say:

All Framework Laptop 16 keyboards have 1.5mm key travel and offer either white backlit or per-key RGB options.


Can RGB Clear ANSI be configured in Spanish? . It doesn’t let me choose the language

RGB Clear has no language, there are no legends / no text on any of the keys.
You might pick clear because either

  1. You’re a touch typist that doesn’t need letters (or you plan to learn) and you like the cool appearance. It will also look unusual to others and shows off that you don’t need letters.
  2. You want a language other than English in RGB, in which case you can get custom letter decals. You can customize text color, background color, add multiple languages.