Why are refurbs only available in certain countries?

Why not UK:

Refurbished Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition:

(You NEED to be set to one of the supported locations)

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Where did you get that link, I see no refurbished products available at all.


(NEED to be set to one of the supported locations)

Ah yes ! A couple in Germany for example, no doubt as they are fitted with German keyboards and there are none with UK input panels


With a new buy, the laptop, even DIY is assembled with Keyboard in Taiwan, so you can select which keyboard you want, but with a refurb there is no way to swap the keyboard that is convenient for the ‘store’


I got the link from the USA

There are very few refurbs to sell, especially 13th gen, with new ones only starting to ship a month ago.

Availability is extremely limited and they usually sell out in less than a day, so they can’t sell them in every region. Also the keyboards need to be appropriate to the region, further restricting availability.


Another thing to remember for refurbs is that they are often returns of new laptops that have been tested, and are being sold out of the warehouse nearest their home country. Framework will be attempting to not move them to a different countries warehouse to sell them, so the stock is not universal to all stores.