Why do we need USB-C expansion cards if all cards plug into USB-C?

I just received my new 12th gen DIY laptop. If all the expansion cards plug into a USB-C port, can I use empty expansion card slots as USB-C ports?

You can, but you shouldn’t.

The main benefit of this system is that you can break the outer port (which you can replace for the cost of an EC), instead of breaking a port on your main board (which would require replacing the main board).


Or at least a soldering iron, microscope and a steady hand :stuck_out_tongue:


Recessed USB-C ports aren’t exactly great for many connectors.
Also this way if you break one of the usb-c ports you can simply replace it.

It also just fills the hole in the outer casing of the laptop.

Thanks for the replies. I selected expansion cards during configuration of my laptop, but somehow they didn’t get added to my order and I didn’t double-check.I had to order expansion cards separately and have two days before they arrive. I was thinking I could use the raw USB-C connections in the mean time but I’ll wait.

You can, just be careful plugging in and out and to not put too much flex in the cable that is plugged directly into the main board.

I’ve done it plenty of times for testing purposes with no issue.

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