Are Expansion Cards Needed?

Looking around i was curious if you ordered the diy kit with no expansion cards, could you still make use of the ports on the laptop? or do they need cards connected in order to use them?

You can access the recessed USB-C ports, but it’s probably advisable for the safety of the ports to have cards installed.

alright. that’s what i was wondering. so Expansion Cards are just integrated dongles. and if you didn’t have any cards, you just have 4 recessed fully functional usbc ports.

I wonder if there’s some type of circuitry in the USB-C card, e.g. to protect against static, misbehaving downstream devices/power adapters, etc.

That is correct. You can plug directly into the recessed USB-C ports, but it’ll be pretty awkward and thicker cables may not fit. We definitely recommend getting at least one USB-C Expansion Card.