WiFi dies if under load or if I use USB for high speed data transfers

I got a bit of an odd one.

I have the Framework 13" 11th Gen, ordered Feb 2022 and shipped April 2022.

What I have noticed is that WiFi dies completely if:

  • Over WiFi I do a high speed sustained data transfer (ex. 50MB/s+ for more than 10 seconds)
  • Over USB I do a high speed sustained data transfer (ex. copying 10GB over to/from a USB 3 HDD)

It recovers if you reset WiFi (and stop the data transfer).

Initially I thought it was an OS or driver problem, but this issue happens regardless on whether I’m on Windows 11 or Ubuntu 22.04, with everything fully up to date.

There is nothing during my debugging and analysis of this issue, that I could find that is software related in terms of this issue, and it seems like a hardware problem to me.

There seems to be a relationship between WiFi and USB.

Has this behaviour been observed by anyone? Or is it something to raise an official support ticket for?

I’ve been observing almost as soon as I had received the laptop a year ago, but never really bothered to investigate it properly or spend too much time on it.



1.) Have you checked your system logs for errors when this issue happens?
2.) What does rfkill return when wifi stops working? (Linux)
3.) Can you tell us more about your setup? Do you use dongles, docks, etc? What charger are you using, which displays are connected and how?

Thank you!

Can’t hurt. Maybe you’ve got a faulty WiFi chip that’s too sensitive somehow.