Wifi sometimes does not initialize when waking from hibernation or powering on

Windows 10 v22H2, FW 13 12th gen Intel.

Hello all,
I’ve had a somewhat rare but annoying issue where sometimes, after waking from deep sleep or powering on, wifi seems to not start at all, and likely the wifi chip is not being detected. I haven’t found a way to replicate it yet, but a restart usually fixes the issue. I never have wifi drop during normal use, though with most wakes from sleep, it will take the laptop ~5-10 seconds to re-initialize wifi.

Anyone know anything about this, or have any suggestions for direction to research next? I’m a little lost as to how to investigate this.

Windows 10 is not officially supported on the 12th gen systems, unfortunately the driver bundle is only made for Windows 11, so issues like this could be due to driver incompatibilities.

I’ve had what may be the same problem with my 11th generation Framework 13 running Linux Mint 21.2 (kernel 5.15.0-87-generic). It’s happened three or four time when booting or coming out of hibernation.

I think rebooting has fixed it once. Other times I’ve slid the wifi card out of the edge connector (leaving the antennas attached) and then slid it back in. After rebooting wifi comes back.

I’m not sure what to make of this…

I seemed to have resolved the issue by forcing Linux Mint to update to kernel 6.5.0-14-generic