WiFi disconnects after sleep on FW13 AMD on Windows

Hello all, loving my new Framework laptop. The only trouble i’ve had is that sometimes (but not always), when I wake up the computer the wifi is broken. It shows as “Connecting” to the network, but never finishes. The only workaround i’ve found is to go into the settings and disable the WiFi, then re-enable the WiFi. I found similar posts on the forum for Linux, but i’m running on Windows 11 with the latest BIOS and the latest driver pack from Framework. I suspect that the issue is related to the laptop hibernating after sleeping for a long time, but not sure how to resolve the issue.

Well could be, but I always hibernate and Wi-Fi is always ‘live’ when I power on. Win 11
Try using hibernate alone to see if that works.

I didn’t know you could enable a direct hibernate option. Cool! I tried that and the WiFi does seem to work reliably when resuming from hibernate - so my hypothesis was wrong. It is a shame since I like the fast wakeup from modern standby.

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