Wifi Very slow download speeds Opensuse Tumbleweed


I don’t have much information as to why, but at some point my download speeds have collapsed to around 600k / sec maximum. My windows PC can download at least 4.5 mbps.

I checked the intel website, I still am using the latest deiver for this wifi6 interface, and I am at a loss why I am having speed issues.

When I run a speedtest it seems to show the correct down speeds, but that is not reflected in the OS when running the KDE plasma widget. And No file I download, either direct download nor torrent exceeds around 600K / sec.

I then Tried to scp a file to another Computer I have running via wifi, a local machine and that too was unbearably slow. I am not certain how to proceed.

I am not sure how to troubleshoot this further, not sure if it’s an OS issue or hardware issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you

I tried Re-installing my OS, no difference unfortunately. So I can only conclude that it’s not an OS issue, or the Intel Wireless drivers don’t work well with the latest Linux kernel?

Ok I seem to have finally solved the issue. It was not an OS or hardware issue, I changed the frequency of my router from “AUTO” To a fixed value of something like 5.780 GHZ and now download speeds are flying!