Will I be able to cancel my order depending on when in Q2 it ships?

I’m going to be in the UK in Q2 2024 until the end of June. I want to order a Framework Laptop 16 to the UK while I’m living there, but if the laptop were to arrive after the end of June, I wouldn’t be able to receive it. When you get the notification that your order is getting ready to be shipped and you have the option of changing the address or modifying your order, are you able to cancel it at that point? I wouldn’t want to incur high shipping costs having to get it shipped to me if it were to arrive too late.

I’m in batch 6, received the email a few days ago and I can cancel my order.

Just to be clear, i think you mean your FW13 order.

I do, I don’t think anybody has gotten a preparation email for their FW16 batch. I assumed the rules are the same for both models.

You have made a fully refundable 100$ deposit. They’re not gonna send you a 2000$ machine if you haven’t paid the full price :smile:

So yes, if for whatever reason you don’t want to buy it anymore by the time your order would be ready, you can just not pay the rest and you’ll get your 100$ back.

If I recall correctly they will hold the order for up to a month if you don’t pay immediately (need to check). But my best bet would be to just ask them, maybe they have the ability to move your order back a bit, especially if you ask a few months in advance.