Permanent Open Orders?

I currently have a Batch 3 pre-order for a FW16 placed. However, due to a change in circumstances, it may no longer be reasonable for me to spend that kind of money on a new laptop. I am wondering how future new orders will work? I see there are currently pre-orders open for Batch 14 Q2, and I am wondering if that is another closed round of orders that will run out, or if new orders are open forever, until eventually their supply catches up to the number of preorders.

Essentially I still want the FW16, but I want to get a better understanding of how available they may be to order or purchase in the future if I cancel my current order. I dont want to cancel my current order and be locked out of getting one in the future until more orders open.

I apologize if this is available information, the same life events potentially preventing me from getting the Batch 3 order are taking up all my time and I have not been able to keep up with Framework news.


If the FW13 is any indication, with a new product there’s a round of preorder batches, but eventually production ramps up so significantly that they go in stock.

Then an updated product is announced, things go back to preorder batches for a little while (with the older version in stock) and the cycle repeats.

Occasionally refurbs pop up, but you have to catch them quick.

So you should focus on your life events, there may be new preorder batches when you’re ready, it may be in stock, or there may be an update to preorder. The FW13s have never been unavailable, there’s always been at least one variant available.


Alright, if the FW13 trend continues and availability will only improve from release, then I think I will cancel my current Pre-order.

That leads to another question though. Is it possible/allowed or frowned upon to transfer my preorder slot I no longer need to someone else who wants it? I imagine there are some people just learning about the FW16 who would like an order in Q4 2023 instead of Q2 2024.

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This is not possible, no.

Blast. I get why, but I’m Batch 12 and while my current laptop is doing OK, I’m very much anxiously awaiting the Framework 16! Ah well, such is life, I’ll still get it next year sometime. Hopefully still Q1, but might end up being early Q2.

Somebody will get their laptop sooner when you cancel. You just won’t know who.

I cancelled the preorder, hopefully I dont regret it. Thanks

This isn’t necessarily true. Batch promotions aren’t a thing.

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