Curious about the compatibility of components across FW models

Will I be able to use the 61w with the Ryzen 5 or what about the 85w battery of the FW16 in the FW13 ?

Or what about the chromebooks input cover kit for the FW13 (to remove the windows key) or using the FW16 linux keyboard in the FW13 ??

So many questions and is there somewhere I can find all of what is or will be compatible with what…

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Fully compatible:
Expansion cards
M.2 2280 SSDs
Webcam module

Compatible across AMD frameworks:
Wifi card

Compatible with limited performance
60W charger
180W charger

Everything else is not compatible across 13/16


Within the 13” category, the following are also compatible:

  • input cover
  • webcam module
  • fingerprint sensor (however, ChromeOS cannot read fingerprints)
  • battery, both sizes
  • display, matte or glossy
  • touchpad

You can move any of these components between 13” Framework Laptops without issue.


That’s great to hear as fingerprint isn’t that big of an issue for me

But I’m a bit confused about the Ryzen 7 chip being the same in the FW13 and FW16, could they both not use the same battery? (From what I could tell it seems to be the same size so it should fit)

The size of the CPU chip is really not the limiting factor in how much space there is inside a laptop to fit batteries.
It’s more about cooling, ports, expansion slots, speakers etc.

The Framework Laptop 16 features a redesigned battery connector and the shape is slightly different.


My feature request would be to make a 85w battery for the 13, idk how realistic this is - would probably be in high demand for many linux users to upgrade if offered separately as an option

I’m sure if that was possible it would have been done.
they just created a new battery for the FW13