Will there be new cpus?

When will there be more than intel cpus? Will there be stuff like arm or AMD cpus?

Short answer-yes it’s on the roadmap

Long answer-search this topic on the forum, multiple posts discussing this already

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will this be anytime in the near future, because I am deciding to wait for this or buy something like a macbook

Probably gonna be a few months minimum. Not sure about AMD but Intel Alder Lake mobile should be early 2022 so we can probably expect a mainboard of it in Q3 or 4 of 2022. With this time frame you probably shouldn’t wait for next Gen CPUs to buy one. A MacBook will be much less repairable but it does run MacOS. Depends on you, two different laptops for relatively different use cases.

I’ve heard CES in January as the expected announce date but who knows when the launch date is

Probably, I’ve heard it’s January - April. But availability for Framework would probably have to wait a while.

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Would the new CPUs / motherboards be compatible with the current chassis? I’m planning to buy the i5 version right now and I hope I would be able to upgrade it to a newer AMD / Intel CPU in the future.

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That’s the plan as I understand it