Do we have an ETA on Alder Lake P availability?

CES has come and gone

Framework was mentioned on screen as intel partners

Wondering , when we can see an alderlake framework version

Eagerly waiting for it.


Hello! This is mainly to the Framework team, but is a Mainboard for the Intel 12th Gen Mobile processors planned? Not a very long topic, but was just curious if it was in the works already!

Given the Osborne effect, if they are working on one, I suspect we won’t hear about it until it’s just about available.


Also they don’t want to promise something unless they’re sure they can deliver.

@rv07’s statement is interesting though:

I looked around and could not confirm this. Any links?

Could be bad news for AMD fans, but everyone’s foaming at the mouth for Alder Lake now.

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Right here, shown in background

Check 3:22


I think being a partner with a CPU vendor helps Framework to ship a stable Linux kernel for their laptop, communicating with the CPU vendor. I assume when Framework would ship with another CPU option in the future, they will also be partner with the CPU vendor.

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I’d be up for alder lake as well. Of course definitely pushing for the “upgradability” factor being able to just unscrew my current mainboard and screw in the new one with the better processor. Then being able to just keep using my same RAM, SSD, keyboard and touchpad, chassis, screen, etc. Being able to buy the upgrade board for around $750 or near that would be world changing for people looking for upgradable, customizable laptops. Sure, it’s nearing the prices of a budget performance laptop, but when something stupid like the keyboard, touchpad, or screen break it’s not either a pain or expense to replace the entire system or take it to Geeksquad (whom I’ve had several bad experiences with, but that’s for another time).

I doubt we could get the i9-12900, but considering where the i5-12600 is sitting, even the i7 would probably be overkill for most. My concern would be cooling, but I haven’t had the chance to see or demo mobile alder lake yet.


I mean, I think that since chip makers like Intel is providing manufacturers with the resources even if the manufacturer is not officially on Intel’s boat they likely are anyways. If they also featured AMD chipsets I’m sure AMD would put it up the list as well since Framework had garnered quite some attention since its launch.

The other reason I think a lot of us forgot is that Framework’s design requires Thunderbolt, which, being an Intel thing, is obviously lacking on the AMD side. Perhaps this is the lack of response from anyone concerned about the possibility of having AMD chipsets (and might explain why my Thinkpad T14S have horrible USB-C ports that fried my Intel machine)

So true. Although the AMD RDNA2 APU looks interesting!


lol, that escaped my notice! Amazing you caught it! That’s good news!

Agreed, I’d be happy with either.

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Man I’m looking at possibly switching over to just a laptop and egpu, and I gotta say, alder lake seems like it’s gonna be a significant upgrade, possibly both to power and battery life. Kinda want to hold out for it on the framework.

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In tech I have learned to just buy when I need to, and not worry about what is coming around the corner. There will always be something else just “a few months away” :slight_smile:

I ordered one over the holidays as my existing laptop died suddenly. I do not regret this decision. The 4 x thunderbolt 4 interfaces along with the gorgeous screen certainly help :smiley:


I mentioned this on a related Reddit thread:
We like to make announcements by making announcements. In general, we won’t drop hints unless they are non-ambiguous. That’s a current generation Intel 11th Gen Framework Laptop that the Intel team demoed as part of their CES showcase of interesting laptops.

We’ve been really open that the Framework Laptop is designed for mainboard upgradeability, and any announcements around that in the future will be really obvious!


Appreciate the transparency @nrp I am really looking forward to when Alder Lake is available, only thing holding me back apart from a wish for a 16:9 bigger 15 or 16 inch chassis.

Hoping it is sooner than later.

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Just curious, would switching the cpu (mainboard) cause complications with drivers? I heard it’s quite tricky.

With desktop systems, an OS reinstall is often recommended when switching motherboards and/or CPUs. I’m no expert but I’m guessing this is due to old hardware drivers etc. remaining on-disk which can possibly cause problems.

Based on that I’d guess a reinstall would be recommended after swapping Framework mainboards as well.

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I would think he meant that all of the stuff that Framework did NOT announce is not non-ambiguous (a.k.a. ambiguous), which I would assume they are having fierce internal discussions upon.

But part of the process is to see what the general public actually want, since there is nothing worse than making something that nobody wants. In that case I would want them to release more official polls so they can have a better understanding of what the general public actually wants (and a reason I had done a few polls), because shouting out “I want this” in 100 different threads leads to nowhere.

But, as many sources (including CES 2022) had pointed out, it’s quite a crazy time at this moment, and absolutely everyone wants more/better computing hardware (the supply had actually increased yet still it can’t meet demand). So yes, we are getting impatient, but we must wait.