Windows 10 driversbundle for 12th Gen intel

where do I find
Windows 10 driver bundle for 12th Gen intel

There is none.
Only Windows 11 is officially supported on the 12th Gen Intel Framework Laptop.

However, you can install the one for Windows 11 and some additional Thunderbolt Drivers from Intel (they are linked somewhere here in the forums).
BUT keep in mind: It’s NOT supported! So, if you run into any troubles, you won’t get any official support.
(However, we are a lot of nice people here in the community, I’m sure a lot will try to help you.)

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I’ll now do a windows 11 upgrade and then update my Bootcamp iMac to Windows 11 and all the software that needs updating I guess. I’m supposing I can update the Windows 10 to 11 before its fully set up with drivers???

Should be possible, yes.

all done without any dramas. up and running like a dream. thanks.


Enjoy your Framework Laptop :slight_smile: