Windows 11: What is this Surface - extension update?

Why am I getting this update in Windows Update? Is it thinking my laptop is a Surface?

I’m likely going to stay on Windows 10 Pro for a few quarters for Microsoft to squash the bugs that have shipped with Windows 11. If Framework starts shipping units with Windows 11, I might reconsider as there might be some BIOS/firmware optimizations that might be required by OEMs for Windows 11.

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@Rupert_Woods As far as I know, Framework plans to keep selling the laptops with no pre installed OS, so you should be able to use Windows 10 or anything else for however long you’d like. The laptop does have the necessary requirements to run Windows 11(as far as i’m aware) so you could if you wanted, but it does not sound like you want to just yet lol.

Can confirm… Zero issues so far using Windows 11 on my framework… use it for everything now from programming to gaming. It might be a placebo effect, but it does seem more snappy then running Windows 10! I even have Windows 11 installed on an old Core2Duo with a mechanical drive and it seems so fast now.

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