How is Win 11 running now that it's been out for a while?

When I first got my Framework 13 11th gen, I upgraded to Windows 11 and hated it. After about 4 months I finally downgraded it back to 10. The main issue I was having was that local videos on my hard drive would buffer. I rely on downloaded videos as my internet connection is not always the best. Has this improved at all? I’ve been thinking of going ahead and trying 11 again to see if it’s any better now.

If I take the plunge I know I’ll have to replace the drivers but will I need to replace the Bios as well?

First install of win11 was last monday when I got my FW. I don’t hate it. Runs fine. BSODs every day, but that’s an AMD/FW issue I think, nobody knows yet. You shouldn’t have to change your BIOS to upgrade from 10>11, but an up to date BIOS is almost never a bad thing.
Dark mode task manager is nice. Tabs in explorer are nice, start/search feels faster, right click context menus are taking some getting used to.

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It’s just OK, nothing to write home about definitely