Windows 11/wifi

I know, stupid. If I had a lick of sense, I would have gone linux and learned something new. HOWEVER, I have to many programs I’m used to using, have paid for, and am stuck in my way.
Here’s my problem. I know, stupid again. I went ahead and switched to windows 11. Here is the real problem. I can’t get on my wifi! Doing the troubleshoot stuff, the thing sez I might need a new/different driver. Not having an ethernet plugin, how do I check for updated drivers and down load them??

So is this a DIY version or pre-built? What batch is it and what bios do you have.

I have a pre-built, batch 8, bios 3.06 Windows. Then I updated to Win 11 with the driver package and then bios 3.07

There have been 4-5 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth driver updates since the Framework Windows 11 driver pack.

@2ccbrock Did you have any luck with your issue?

Sorry, have gotten two notes from people, but haven’t had time to work on it yet.
Thanks for asking.

Finally got a good sd card, copied the files indicated and am working on unzipping them. Bought winzip, And obviously can’t follow instructions. came out with a file that is efi,file size 780.93, compressed 779.94, but when I open that directory it shows as the driver bundle. When unzipping the efi folder, will it automatically unzip the boot file that is part of that? My copied files are:
folder marked update which has the driver update file and when opened says it is an application. Haven’t unzipped it, should I ?
folder marked efi which has folder marked boot which has file marked bootx64,efi.

Wow you are the first since 2001! 7Zip

How I built mine?

Created a latest Windows 11 Boot USB stick from the Microsoft site.
Downloaded the latest Framework driver bundle.
Set the BIOS to all Secure Boot UEFI friendly settings.
Installed 11 with local accounts and did not update.
Installed the Driver Pack.
Hooked up to the internet.
Went to and did the automatic driver updates from there.
Then did Windows Update.