FW16 Wifi Issues

I received my FW16 earlier today, got it all set up, and attempted to connect to wifi. No option for wifi. . . Ok, NBD. I connected to ethernet (really glad I bought that module) and began getting updates done and working on the wifi issue. I don’t know if I missed something or what, but I can’t even find mention of wifi anywhere on this machine. The wifi adapter doesn’t show up in device manager, there are no options regarding wifi in internet settings, nothing. Did I buy a laptop and miss the part where I had to supply my own wifi card, or do I have an actual problem? I have been known to occasionally go derpy on simple stuff before, so please point it out if I have. I really need wifi to get anything out of this beautiful machine. Thanks!

Important Info: Windows 10, 22H2, fully updated. Adrenaline Software installed and up to date

So far as I know, the wifi card is included. Did you install the drivers?

If you did, and it’s still not being detected, you might try re-seating the wifi card. It may have jarred loose in transit.

If all else fails, there’s always Framework’s support team. :slight_smile:

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Fun thing here, I hate Windows 11. I installed 10, and the driver bundles are all for other models or for Win 11, so I did not install them. Do you know if the Win 11 driver bundle works for Win 10 in the 16? I might just pull it apart and eyeball that wifi card. I noticed someone else from Batch 7 was messing with his as well. I’ll just do that while I wait for replies. I’m at the end of my knowledge and skills anyway at this point. Thanks for your response, by the way. I appreciate it!

Edit: Windows is saying that the BT card needs more installation. Error code 43. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the device, and it said it worked for a minute and then turned off again with the same code. I don’t know what more installation means lol

I’ve heard that the driver bundle works for Windows 10 as well. Haven’t received my FW16 yet to play with it though (that’s why I’m hanging around the forums, helping out – passes the time while I’m impatiently waiting! :wink:).

Bluetooth is handled by the same wifi card, so you certainly have one, and the OS is seeing it. Pretty sure you just need the driver.

As an aside: I’m not fond of Windows in the least, I’m considering not installing it at all on the Framework. If so, it’ll be the first system I’ll have had that only had Linux. Both my current desktop and my current (ageing) laptop are set up to dual-boot, but I haven’t booted either into Windows for probably two years or more. Don’t think I’ve ever booted the desktop into it, now that I think about it.

You were right on both counts. It is there, it does work, it was the driver bundle, and the Win 11 driver bundle also works for Win 10.


Thank you for you help, Chad. I appreciate your help a ton!

I can’t say that I blame you on the Windows and Linux thing. If I were either more skilled in Linux or games were available in Linux, I think I would be right there with you. Gaming is the only real reason that I’m still on Windows at all and not Linux, though. This laptop is going to end up doing three things, really: Learning coding/programming, gaming, and watching Youtube and movies while I’m at work. 84 hour workweeks get really long when you only have about 10 minutes worth of work once every 2 hours. The rest is watching and listening for changes in the engine, and that’s completely passive aside from glances here and there. It all blends together and a week could feel like a day or a day could feel like a week. Entertainment is key, my friend, and this Framework 16 is my beautiful golden ticket. What batch are you in? I might come hang out with you guys lol

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Glad I could help!

A good percentage of games do now run under Linux. Not all of them, and some that do still have problems, but enough that I don’t consider Windows to be indispensable anymore.

I’m in Batch 17. Before the earthquake, it looked like it would be delivered mid-to-late May, we’ll see how that changes now. You’re welcome to come party with us, though it’s a pretty low-key party with most of us moaning about how long it’s going to be 'til we get our fix. :wink: