Windows Update Breaks Wi-Fi Driver

The latest Windows update breaks the Wi-Fi driver and I can’t connect to the internet without it. I’ve tried uninstalling the update but windows won’t let me.

Heya! Have you tried rolling back the wifi modem driver update in Devices application (sorry, I forget the whole name, been a while since I used windows)!
If that doesn’t work you can load the Intel Driver package on a USB and install it via that, or maybe try installing it over Ethernet!

I have tried that, Windows prevents me from uninstalling the update and reinstalling the driver package does not work. Only thing I have not tried is running the BIOS update.

i never let windows update drivers their generic drivers always screw something up . use the drivers from the manufacturer of whatever it is you are updating . have not used winlows in years sorry can´t really help with fixing the problem , unless you run restore to previous time ?

Windows is forcing bad drivers on me, I guess I just go Linux?

Microsoft has exclusive control over how Windows behaves.
If you don’t want your laptop to do what Microsoft decides it should do, then yes, your only remaining option is to not use Windows.

My wifi drivers have been crap on windows since day 1.

It constantly disconnects and won’t reconnect on reboot/sleep.

All good here. I just use the Intel Driver updater for Wi-Fi/BT and GPU.

Usually new ones every 2-3 weeks.

On Linux, my wifi has been perfect, with no complaints. I have 12th gen, though. Which is surprising to me since Linux WiFi drivers are usually a hit and a mess, but Intel wifi drivers are excellent on Linux, currently using NixOS.

Try reinstalling the Driver Bundle from Framework, whichever version corresponds to your laptop (Windows 10 11th gen, Windows 11 13th gen, etc).

Unless you have a hotspot you can use, you’ll probably need to download it on another device and copy it over.

I have tried the bundle, does not work, windows does not let me uninstall the updates.

AX210 usually has flawless driver support. I will keep an eye out on this issue.

Can you elaborate on broken?
Poor Performance?
Now showing any WiFi networks?
Connects but won’t pull an address?
Also, what version of the FW13 are you running?