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Saw that Windows 11 has TPM module requirements. Are these requirements met with the framework laptop?

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Nirav has already confirmed here that ‘the Framework Laptop meets all the published specs required for Windows 11, so based on what Microsoft has announced, this should be a free, optional upgrade from Windows 10’.


Specifically, the Framwork Laptop has a TPM 2.0 device. So yes as mentioned the laptop is completely compatible with Microsoft’s published Windows 11 requirements.

Although I am still betting that come closer to release they are going to relent on those specs. I think they are really just supposed to help spur new computer purchases. There is just no way Microsoft wants to limit the audience potential for the Windows Store, which in conjunction with Office is the REAL source of the consumer revenue.

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I have my own question. Is the TPM in Framework a discrete TPM or is it using the one in the tiger lake proccessor


There is a separate TPM 2.0 chip on the mainboard.


That’s good for me. I’m no privacy enthusiast but i like my TPM separate from the system


Windows 11 is set to be released on October 5, 2021. I’m in batch 4, so I will likely receive my laptop after this date. Will the Framework driver bundle install with no problems on Windows 11? Or should I install Windows 10, install the driver bundle, and then upgrade?

@CSab6482 You may want to consider holding off on installing Windows 11 for at least a month or two after release to allow some time for the first bugs to be ironed out.

I plan to do a decent amount of image deployment testing with MDT on the Framework. I’ve built up a task with a base Windows 10 Pro install with the Framework driver package. I plan to make a lengthy post with all my findings in relation to MDT deployment(s). As for Windows 11, I don’t see why anyone would have any issue with Windows 11 on the Framework as it meets all the requirements. I will be testing Windows 11 MDT deployment as well.

Got my batch 3 Framework yesterday and did a clean install of Windows 11. So far it’s been peachy keen, the only thing I’ve encountered is that I cannot enable the Windows Hello Face sign-in option. I have a PIN and fingerprint reader set up and working great, but it says the Face is unavailable with the message “We couldn’t find a camera compatible with Windows Hello Face.” Just a Windows 11 issue?

Never mind, I just needed to look a tiny bit further into the forum. Bluetooth, camera, parts, DYI, etc. - random questions - #3 by nrp


In regards to Windows 11, since it was released today I decided to post my opinion on Linkedin since I am asked A LOT if people should upgrade!.. have a look if interested in reading.

… as for on Framework hardware… NO ISSUES!

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The windows 11 release is quite literally the same release number as the most recent windows 10 and server 2022. 20h2 even VMware workstation pro thinks it is windows 10 I found if you have issues installing from the new media creation tool just swap the boot.wim from the 10 iso and the fake new requirements will be bypassed I had to do this in WDS for my class.

The drivers for windows 10 20h2 are the same for 11 so everything should be ok.

,wim and ,esd works best… also, disconnect from network when upgrading :stuck_out_tongue:

Just got my laptop in today and tried a fresh install of Windows 11 with a valid key and USB media creator tool directly from microsoft. A bunch isn’t working for me - no scrolling or right click with the touchpad, no brightness control, lots of studdering that makes it seem like no hardware accelerated graphics. There are several unknown devices in device manager:

Windows update isn’t recognizing any drivers and I don’t see anywhere to download drivers direct from How did you get this working?

In the DIY setup guide there is a link to a driver bundle that you should install after installing Windows. The bundle was for Windows 10, but in the forum, there are reports that it still works.

Scroll down to section 8 for a link to the driver bundle.

Link: Windows 10 Installation on the Framework Laptop DIY Edition - Framework Guides

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Thanks - I just found that link but noted it was from July and thought there should be a newer bundle. It’s crazy that this is buried in the kb instead of just a direct link from the Support main page for Downloads like every other technology device manufacturer does it. Thanks for your help!

There is a bios update along with a newer driver bundle.

Wasn’t sure you would want to deal with both a beta bios and driver bundle.

I am using the beta bios and drivers with Windows 11. Just FYI.

Thanks again for the heads up! Looks like the software is going to be released mostly in blog format and the plans will be to update release software over Windows Update eventually. My recommendation would be to have these posed as a new “Downloads” link under the main “Support” link on the main page.

I noticed the last few days Windows 10 has been bugging me to upgrade to Windows 11. In the weeks prior, it said something along the lines of “we’re checking to see if your computer is ready for windows”. Now it’s apparently ready.

I’m holding off a few weeks at the least though. I’ll wait for other people to run into any possible problems and bugs to be fixed before I pull the trigger.