Having issue to activate TPM2 for win 11

Hello I am having issue to pass form win 10 to win 11 because my TPM2 isn’t activated,
I tried to go in the BIOS and put it on,
but when i restart the pc the setting i put doesn’t stay and go back as what it was before,
do any of you got the same issue ?

Best regard

As long as you’ve signed into your Microsoft account on that copy of windows 10 your digital licence will be assigned to that account. This means you can just do a clean install of 11 and the TPM should be picked up.

Hello, i have a win 10 disc installation do the key will also do the win11 ?

I’ll try this today and come back to tell if it’s ok or not, thanks

The keys are the same for windows 10 and 11 of the same version, for example 10 pro key will work for 11 pro.

You’ll need to do a new install to go from 10 to 11. I tried it myself and when I went to install Windows 11 I had to do a custom installation. It moved everything from my old Windows 10 install to a Windows.old folder. And I still had to reinstall everything. I’d just do a clean install.