Windows Hello IR webcam option

Another post stated that Frameworks does not have an IR Windows Hello webcam because they tend to noticeably worsen the quality of the visuals. However, I personally rarely use the laptop webcam (I use my phone or desktop for video calls) and would MUCH prefer my laptop to auto-magically log me in as I open it.

Would it be possible to develop an IR camera option for separate purchase in the Marketplace?
Would anyone else be interested in this as well?


It could be interesting as an option, certainly. I don’t know that I necessarily would need it though. Fingerprint is all I’ve ever wanted, and I’ve never really felt like face unlock was all that secure. Prove me wrong and I’d be interested. Well, that and I’d need Linux support.


If they build it, it will come.

I +1 this, I really thought windows hello was a rather standard feature so I didn’t think to check if it’s supported, this isn’t old hardware, why would the camera not support windows last generation features.


Because the priority was to put a decent 1080 camera into the narrow bezel while leveraging the fingerprint reader for Hello. This took extra space, which pushed out the Hello features. Most laptops trade good cameras for grainy and terrible hello-enabled cameras.

I liked it, but I can live without it. But I wouldn’t say no to retrofit options and/or next gen FrameWork display components integrating Hello-enabled cameras :slight_smile:


I’m all for options, more the better! But coming from a Surface Go 2 with Hello camera, to a Yoga with fingerprint (haven’t received Framework yet) I honestly prefer the fingerprint since I don’t need to hold my face in a particular spot. I believe it’s actually quicker - assuming Framework’s is equal to or better than the Yoga’s. “The hand is quicker than the eye.”
Funny thing is, I have a natural tendency to reach for the corner above the keyboard right where the Framework sensor is located (kudos for ergonomics!). Versus the Yoga which has it below the keyboard, so I need to “correct” myself sometimes.

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Hoping that a hello compatible module will be available. I feel it’s actually faster than a fingerprint reader. It seems to take a second on my base diy framework for the reader to activate though. Feels like the reader needs to load its driver first from a cold boot. Faster now with the 3.07 bios that just came out before the new year but I still need to wait a few beats. If this is an issue with the camera, then hello won’t make sense. I’m use to my surface pro just logging me in the moment it turn on.


Yeah if the Framework fingerprint sensor is slow by even 2 seconds, that will be an annoyance. On the Yoga I can just barely tap it for a half second and I’m in. I’m also used to super fast fingerprint on all my Pixel phones (except the 6, don’t get me started on that under-screen sensor).

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To offer my anecode, I found the IR camera on my X1 Carbon Gen 9 to be very unreliable (<50% success rate), and also disabled when the webcam shutter is closed. It was annoying enough for me to stop using it.

The fingerprint reader also only worked about half of the time–much happier with the one used on the Framework

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An update to my comment above - now that I have been using the Framework laptop for a month on Win11, I find the reader fast enough (half second? 1 second?) and plenty accurate. No issues to report. I don’t really miss the face unlock I’m used to on the Surface Go.

The Framework Fingerprint Reader is pretty decent in speed if you ask me.

We got an article that deep dives into the trackpad and Finger print.

Digging up an old thread to throw my support in for this feature. No matter how good a fingerprint reader is supposed to be I always have problems with them.

I work with my hands, they get cuts, finger prints get worn or callused, I constantly need to retrain me phone sensor. However the hello supported camera on my 200 dollar motile laptop never fails to recognize me. I can have a hat on or off, glasses on or off, a beard, long beard, short hair, long hair, good or bad lighting and angles, it’s never failed yet.


I would also support the option of an IR Webcam for Windows Hello.

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I would buy a display upgrade or select a display option on configuration that had windows hello support. Hoping this will be available when I purchase my 16" gaming laptop.

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@Jeremy_S I mean, the fingerprint reader exists and qualifies as Windows Hello support. The fingerprint reader can’t be that much slower than an IR camera can it?

@GhostLegion Why argue for less options or functionality?

Clearly there are people that would prefer to have Windows Hello support via camera in addition to/instead of fingerprint readers. Isn’t one of the main points of the marketplace to encourage that flexibility/customization.

@Jeremy_S I suppose, I’m not arguing, I just wasn’t sure if you knew it was there or not. Many times people comment without owning the laptop. Which is fine, I did before I bought it. If you or anyone else wants that functionality, be my guest.

Bumping this topic

I would whole heartedly support a facial recognition option for Framework’s camera. For me it’s not the speed, it’s my fingerprints. Fingerprint log-in has rarely worked for me. My fingerprints change rapidly due to the number of papercuts I get. Seriously this is no exaggeration. Before my Apple phones upgraded to facial recognition for logging in, I had to update my fingerprints at least monthly & sometimes more often. The facial log-in was a God send for me. I’ve already disabled the windows hello fingerprint login option on my FW due to the frustration of non-recognition.

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