New Webcam Module 2nd gen

Does anyone know if the new Webcam Module 2nd Gen that frameworks just sent the newsletter about will be windows hello compatible?

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I know (almost) nothing about that, but since when has that stopped anyone from commenting? :wink:

As I understand it, “Windows Hello” requires “an Intel RealSense or 3D Camera”, which is a specialized illuminated infrared camera. Nothing like that was mentioned in the announcement or the video that Framework released, and if it were such a camera, I’d expect that they’d tout that feature. So I’d say the likelihood of Windows Hello working with it are slim to none.


I was wondering the same thing. One of the things holding me back is the lack of Windows Hello support from the hardware or the Framework webcam and laptop. Nowadays any webcam should have Windows Hello support if it is going to run Windows. The majority of phones all have facial recognition and so should our laptops. Thanks

Will the new 2nd gen camera support windows hello ?

Probably not.

This has been discussed in may threads if you search etc. and the answer is no.

The main one that maybe of interest is:

and specific to the 2nd Gen


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Hi @amoun,

You can get an external Windows Hello USB camera that has Intel RealSense which would enable face unlocking. Although Intel has discontinued that division from what I read a while ago. There are a number of them on ebay and some new old stock (though they are pricey for what you are getting). :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

I have thought about putting one on my home machine; though I was turned off years ago because of how much companies that made them wanted users to pay for this technology.

It does not surprise me that Intel abandoned it. It did not look like it was ever going to pay off in the long run for them. :chart_with_downwards_trend: :disappointed: