Windows retail key, pro, education, etc

I am ready to have a w10 and later, when forced to, w11, be able to use on the framework.
I want to know if I buy the retail windows pro, will I be able to switch the licenses key to educational or other windows-to -go. It seems to be removed from some of the configurations. . I understand the de-authorize system, and don’t want windows residing on my framework, but available.
I have played with my recent d/l using resident nvme internally, and on usb nvme enclosure.
everything works. MS is awaiting activation, or complains using external drive.
I’ll buy retail pro now, if I know I can change to educational, etc. for WTG.
I prefer to have only linux, but be able to plug in a windows usb in the rare times I need it.

I purchased my W10/11 key separate from my framework laptop via the Microsoft Store so it is associated to my M$ account instead. If you buy home you can have the option to upgrade later to Pro but no option to “downgrade”.

As you can see I can “remove” any of my devices from my Microsoft account, but I am not sure if it will “de-auth” my license from that hardware or not.

I want WTG or equivalent workaround. I don’t want it resident in the Framework. It is why I’ll buy the retail version. With WTG “taken out” of some versions, I don’t want to buy a retail build and find I can not run it on an external drive. As a test, I have W10 [unactivated yet) dual boot with linux on the Nvme, but want it out of there.
I tried rufus on an external nvme enclosure, and it partioned OK, but it only lets me select the Linux ISOs and not my W10 ISO.

I might be wrong, but I thought Windows to Go support was dropped entirely by Microsoft a loooong time ago.

There are workarounds people have developed, but I think there’s no official ‘portable’ version of Windows at all.