Windows version, can I reinstall it in 90 days to new device?

Hi Dear Framers!

I have some old Win deployments, where I bought Win10 with a reinstall option possibility after 90 days into a different HW in case of full HW change. The question goes here:

Does Framework Offer Windows with a similar possibility? Or it is stuck to FW HW or it cannot be reinstalled to a different HW only to the same (since even OEM had such an option if I remember correctly)?

Thank you and sorry if I took the wrong place to ask :wink: bit confused.

The best place to get this answer would be sending a message to support, but I believe that last I heard, the windows licenses that come with the pre-built laptops are non-transferable and OEM, but the licenses that you buy separately on the marketplace or with the DIY laptop are allowed to be moved as they are the same kind of license you would get directly from Microsoft (this also explains the price difference between a prebuilt and a DIY with the same storage, RAM and Windows licnese.

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