Working on a train (screen wobble)

Framework improved the hinges and the screen does wobble much less now as can be seen in newer YouTube videos. However, I am still a bis hesitant to buy it because I work a lot on trains and I am concerned about fatigue because the eyes would have to adjust constantly. My old Lenovo 460s shows almost no wobble at all.

Is it normal for 4:3 displays to wobble a bit after e.g. opening it?
How does the improved version compare e.g. to a Mac Book Pro in terms of stiffness and screen wobble?
Does anyone of you work on trains using the Fw13 Laptop?

I’ve used an M1 Macbook Pro and Air and the FW 13 definitely wobbles more than those. I suspect it’s one of the unfortunate realities associated with having parts that aren’t all glued together.

Still, it’s not too bad. Not enough that I’d think it would be an issue on a train, unless trains are a lot shakier than I would expect. Which is possible.

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I unpacked mine today and immediately compared it with the hinge on the Thinkpad T14. And I am a little bit worried, as the wobble on the Framework is definitely greater. I should be traveling soon so I might know a bit more later this week…

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There is an even stronger hinge on the marketplace as possible solution.

I use the Framework 13 on high speed rail on a weekly basis. Your brain has enough stabilization that you don’t notice, it’s fine.

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I travel by train on average three days per week, and have never noticed a wobble that irritates me.

12th gen user here.
I used the FW on a train a couple of times now.
While i still had the glare screen, it took some minutes to get used to, but since i installed a matte screen protector, it doesnt bother me at all.
Since all new models (13th gen + AMD) come with a matte screen, you should be good =)

On a train, totally fine.

On a rickety bus, it’s a rough experience but workable.

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I have worked with my FW13 11th gen on trains several times without any problems.
And that is with the first version of the hinges, not the improved ones that you’ll get with a new FW13.
Of course, it might differ where you are and how good the trains/tracks are. My experience was in Germany and the Netherlands.

Thank you all for the replies. A Framework 13 it is as replacement laptop then.

I also don’t had problems with Gen11 and the old hinges on a train.

Tolerance for screen wobble varies from person to person. Makes it hard to use other people experience as a guide. Watching videos from people who have shown the amount of wobble might be the best way.

Hm. So, after some time with both Thinkpad T14 and FW13, I can definitely say that the wobble is not THAT bad on FW13. T14 has much stronger and heavier hinges, for which you need both hands to open the laptop. The FW13 wobble looked worrying at first, but I was on a bus ride and a train ride in the past weeks, and it really is not that bad and is perfectly usable for me.