Would it be possible to buy the framework 16 one part at a time?

That’s fine, go buy a gaming laptop. The USP of Framework is the repairability, upgradeability and customisability. Not price/performance.

If I thought it was destined to fail, I wouldn’t have a Batch 3 pre-order made within minutes of the announcement email.

I’m not bragging about anything. No clue what gives you that impression.

Magic is a…passionate fan. I think you have the correct perspective on the price/performance issue. It gets thrown around a lot, mostly in the form of complaints, but it’s nice to see a little awareness of where we are in the timeline of the product and the company. I think by the time you actually need a new laptop, you’ll be happy you waited as you’ll get a much more refined machine with much more performance for the money!


I believe in what Framework are doing. I love my MacBook Pros, I don’t love that I’m stuck with 16GB of RAM that’s soldered down, storage that’s soldered down and near unrecoverable and a battery that’s glued in.

I’ll happily pay a little over the odds, (and less than a Mac) for something that’s upgradable and repairable. The engineering that went into the FW16 was considerable, and the bill of materials will be higher for a properly engineered product that isn’t designed to minimise labour costs in manufacture by using glue.

I took a calculated gamble on an Intel Mac when they launched in 2006, and that paid off in the long run.

If that makes me a fan, then so be it.

If you can’t afford a FW16, then I won’t criticise you for saving a few hundred currency units and getting a gaming laptop instead. Hopefully the prices will be more competitive when you buy a new laptop in a few years time.


I am a patient man. There is no need to hurry. And I am happy to wait for something like the FW16, to mature a bit, and if everything goes well the, price will come down like with the FW13. I understand why the price of the FW16 is so high right now. The uncertainty of everyone involved runs the price high. Will it succeed or not, will the hardware orders, R&D be payed by FW in the end etc. So a normal business day at the office. I haven’t been this excited about hardware, since the 3Dfx Voodoo came out in 1997 :grinning: And I could finally play Dark Forces 2 with hardware acceleration.


I don’t think so necessarily, I was referring to your enthusiasm about this product on these forums. You’re a strong defender of it in face of a lot of criticism which is often unwarranted, like the price/performance complaints to which your answer of “it’s just not for you right now” is correct. Just sometimes you come off a little strong. I don’t think Marek was actually levelling that criticism, but actually agreeing that it’s just not for him right now because it’s too expensive and not enough of an increase over what he’s already using.

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I’m not interested in continuing this discussion unless you can be civil. I’ve made allowances considering that English may not be your first language, but there’s a limit my friend.

Exactly on point. Thank you.

I’ve no problem with that observation. I just call it as I see it. :laughing:

I take exception to being accused from other quarters of bragging and arrogance however.

I can confirm this approach, if not necessarily endorse it- this is what I did for my 13 11th gen. “Fasteners” was a problem, but that’s been addressed. Oh, and 13" batteries were out of stock when I needed one, but the BIOS was capable of battery-less boot on arrival.

I’m guessing neither the chassis or parts came with the screws (and maybe some brackets)?

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I’ve looked at the cost of building it from bits and the markup would be significant. A Framework 16 with 7840HS, 7700S, 32GB RAM, 2TB storage and other bits comes to £2489. The cost to build it out of individual parts comes to £3266. That’s £777 extra before you even add the delivery costs.

Pricing up the Framework 13 7040 series vs parts doesn’t look quite as bad with a difference of £217.

It just doesn’t make sense to build it out of parts.

I’d be more tempted to go with the 13 if it had a higher refresh screen.

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