When will FW16 parts be available?

I was wondering when parts such as the keyboards, spacer, bezel, and especially charger will be available to buy separately? There are certain things I didn’t buy with my preorder just for budgeting reasons but would like to buy soon so they arrive by the end of the year.

The parts will most likely be available when the laptop is

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like after all preorder batches are fulfilled? But that’s like 6 months or something, what if someone needs parts for a repair?

i would suggest reaching out to support if and when you need the parts untill they make them available on the marketplace

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I understand that it may take some time especially that they sold though waaaay more batches than expected so they are probably prioritizing parts for those rather than buying separately but I just wanted to have a general idea since idk how it worked with the FW13

It’s been a while, but I think with the 13’s once the pre-orders started shipping parts started trickling out. I would assume the same with the 16’s

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