Would it be possible to buy the framework 16 one part at a time?

I’m not made of money, so dropping almost 2 grand at once or even 1400 is a lot for me, and the financing option is still a little steep for me to do comfortably. I had the wild idea that if I could buy a part or two per paycheck, I could piece my laptop together and also I feel like it would feel fun to do. Is there anything stopping me from doing this? Any parts I couldn’t order?

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is it just me or have people been asking this a lot lately? I swear this is like the 5th post I’ve seen asking this in the past like 2-4 weeks, am I missing something lol?


You can order everything you need! (see edit) As long as it’s in stock. Unfortunately, in total, it will cost more than just buying a completed system. The least expensive way to get a Framework would be either a used one off ebay or reddit.com/r/FrameworkMarket, or getting a new DIY system and finding deals for the RAM and SSD.

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I failed to notice that this is for the FW16. It would be best to confirm with support. I know for the FW13 the screws are separate, and it took awhile for Framework to have individual packs of them made.


I think the possibility was mentioned in what’s-his-name’s recent video. LTT.

You probably could however, you would be paying more overall even just considering the shipping fees. In addition, you lock yourself out of a 30 day return period to return the laptop should you not like it. The best option really is just to save for it and purchase it when you are in a financial position to do so.


Could you not just put that money aside in the bank or some kind of stable fund and then pool it back together to buy once you have enough? It may be the case that by the time you have enough money saved that the parts you wanted initially might be discounted or available to be bought used as some other people have mentioned.

Maybe you have someone in your life that would use that money so worst case scenario you could hide it as cash somewhere secret until you are ready to buy.


Yes… maybe we need to create a knowledge base article on this.

As folks have noted, yes, technically it is possible to assemble either the Framework Laptop 13 or Framework Laptop 16 entirely from parts on the Marketplace. However, it’s going to cost substantially more than buying the whole laptop, since each part is individually tested, packaged, and shipped rather than being assembled into a laptop and tested and packaged at once.

If you’re saving up for a Framework Laptop, we recommend putting your money into a savings account that has a high interest rate.


Yes, exactly, if someone were willing to buy each individual part per paycheck anyhow, putting that money into a bank account would probably be better. After all, either way you aren’t going to get a functional laptop until you get that final part you need, so why not just put the money into an account?

@Tate_Hendrix look up a bank or credit union that offers a high yield savings account, preferably with no monthly fees, and put in the money you would have spent on a part into the account instead.

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As long as the account in question is only under his name, nobody should have access to that money. If anything, keeping cash in a secret place is a great way for someone to find it and use it without your permission instead.

The cost is also increased by higher import/export/customs taxes, which are higher for laptop components than they are for a completed laptop. Back when the 13 launched, Framework said they had investigated selling it as a complete kit of parts instead of a completed unit, and this was one of the reasons why they didn’t do that.

And, you won’t have the benefit of the complete laptop having been tested by Framework as a complete unit, as is done for both pre-built and DIY versions.

And another benefit of saving and buying it whole, is maybe by the time you do they will have released the next gen version - meaning you could buy a better one for the same money, or this one for less money.

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Yah all of that makes sense, I’ll just save up then. I guess I was just a little excited and wanted to solidify my decision but getting a part. Prolly best to just wait though.

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Been down that road (sort of), in the past. I would be so sure I was going to buy thing X that I would buy some accessory ahead of time while waiting for the item to become available or whatever. Then things changed, my plans changed and now I’m stuck with an accessory for something I’m no longer going to buy, lol.

Your plans/life may change and you may decide you’d rather not buy or can’t buy the FW 16, but you’re stuck with parts you don’t need. Alternatively, you may feel pressured to buy it since you already have some of the parts for it.

I’m not saying your plans will change or whatever, but it makes more sense to save your money and wait. As hard as I know that can be to do. :wink:


There is a finance option? I’m planning on buying it in bits like this. Don’t care if it costs more.

You could maybe use a service like Klarna, but I think it’s more financially prudent to save the money for it and wait. After all, could be in a year or so Framework releases a better spec for the 16 and you’ll be rewarded for waiting.

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0% Credit Card?

It would be a big step for Framework to start offering finance in multiple countries.

Klarna credit has now been discontinued in the UK. They only do buy now pay later. Framework would have to add this as an option.

I’ve got poor credit. Any card I could get wouldn’t come close to covering the cost.

These might be related


Therein lies the problem with Framework providing finance across tens of countries.

PayPal/Klarna etc solve that to a degree, but it depends on local laws as to what’s available.

I have the money to buy one right now…or multiple, but at this time it is just too expensive (price performance ratio and my country is not listed for now) to justify this purchase, and my current Legion 5 which is 3 years old this day is still sufficient for work and occasional gaming. But I really want one of these, and will just lay some money aside and probably order one at the end of the year for my 40th. birthday…and my son will be happy to get my old laptop, to play Fortnite with friends. The price will probably go down over time with the rising production volume, so be patient, save the money and there will be the day when you can have one of these beauties. Patience is the key word in any business or life goal you have, or will have.

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