Would there be any problems replacing a mainboard with everything else being the same?

Like the title says. i’m wondering if there would be any issues replacing a mainboard that might have stopped working.
With nothing else having issues would windows still be on the laptop since i’m stillusing the same SSD for the boot drive.

There shouldn’t be any issues.

You may need to activate Windows again, but that is a pretty painless process.


Replacing with the same model motherboard should be fine.

I have not kept up with the specs for RAM etc on newer models so you might not be able to replace an 11th gen Intel board with an AMD board and use your existing RAM modules etc.

You certainly aren’t, the intel boards so far are ddr4, the amd boards are ddr5.

SSD is definitely transferable, wifi card may be transferable (assuming it doesn’t end in 1 or is a be2xx)

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I was able to replace my mainboard and it works great but afterwards i got this look on bitlocker recovery thing where i had to keep typing in a code.
I found out a fix was to turn off my file encryption and i haven’t seen it since.

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