Would you buy a 15 inch version of the Framework Laptop 13 design?

I had a batch 3 Framework Laptop 16 that I ended up returning because it was too uncomfortable to use on my lap and build quality issues. I briefly considered using a Framework Laptop 13 to replace it but decided against it because the 3:2 display aspect ratio is just too small for the multitasking I need to do on a laptop.

In my opinion, Framework tried to do too many novel things at once with the Framework Laptop 16 (i.e., the modular input deck and GPU), when I suspect there are lots of people like me who just want something a little larger than the Framework Laptop 13 for productivity tasks.

My ideal Framework laptop would have:

  • A 15 inch 16:10 500 nit matte display, with a 1500:1 contrast ratio and 100% DCI-P3
  • The same six port setup found on the Framework Laptop 16
  • The same battery and battery connector as the Framework Laptop 16
  • The traditional keyboard and trackpad design like on the Framework Laptop 13, but maybe with a larger trackpad
  • The same underside design as the Framework Laptop 13
  • Upward firing speakers

I would buy that in a heartbeat. Would you?

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Personally, probably not. I’d probably be more likely to buy a very slightly smaller, 12-12.5" version (still with a 3:2 screen) than a larger version. But I’m probably in the minority.

For me, the FW 13 is my always on the move device. It might be on the side of the my desk, on the arm of a chair, on my lap, in my travel bag, on the kitchen counter, etc. I do get some “productivity” stuff done with it, but the times when a larger screen would be nice are trumped by the always when smaller size and weight is nice, lol.

I just wouldn’t enjoy a 16 or even 15" laptop for that use case. I could get by, but as nice as a slightly larger screen would be, the increased size would always be annoying.

For me, the reason the FW 16 was appealing is because of the the dedicated GPU, along with the almost wacky, novel design. But it won’t be my “daily driver,” so to speak. It will primarily become my video and photo editing machine that will mostly live on my desk, but with the added benefit that I can easily take it to another room or even take it with me if I travel for work or something.

I can totally see the appeal of a 15" version of the FW 13. Larger screen, larger battery, larger wrist rest area, possibly larger touchpad, possibly space for a second SSD. Sounds awesome. But I would ultimately still end up buying the 13" version for the smaller size and lighter weight.

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Nope, I would not. I won’t buy the Framework 16 either, though I see real value in the 16 for some people. A laptop in my mind is for mobile use…15 inch+ sizes just do not fit that category in my experience. For years I used 14" laptops, so I was slightly worried about getting a Framework 13, but it was needless worry. The Framework 13 is a perfect size for what I want a laptop for, lightweight, comfortable to carry, good performance, and I get pretty damn good battery life with it. A 15 inch would just be extra weight I don’t want.


Same for me, I really don’t see a big enough difference between 16" and 15" to justify a completely new laptop, which would include a new motherboard, battery, display, and more. IMO it would just cause more fragmentation for what seems like very little benefit!


Exact same thoughts. I had a desktop and was an easy convert to ultra-portable + eGPU for when I want extra horsepower. Wouldn’t have minded 14in screen but 15 or more is too much for me. I’m happy enough with the device based on specs alone. Battery life could be better but everyone says that about basically every laptop ever. Probably ditch this laptop and see how system76 manages their software support in a year or so.


I used to prefer 15-inch laptops, mostly because they had more connectivity, but owning a Purism Librem 14 convinced me of the value of portability. It’s really nice to have a laptop that’s light and easy to travel with, and sits comfortably even on very small desks. So even if the Laptop 16 were a fully mature platform, I’d probably still have gone for the Framework 13. Though sometimes I do wish I could have the power of a dedicated GPU…

The graphics card is the reason I ordered the Framework 16.

If I was only going to get the one laptop as a primary computer, and I didn’t want dedicated graphics, I could see some benefit to a larger screen than the 13", but even then, I think I’d probably stick to the Framework 13 and use an external monitor and keyboard from time to time. I really like the size of it as-is, feels more like a 14" in usable space, but small. A 15" screen would be bigger/better, but then the laptop loses its maneuverability.

Now, if the 15" also had extra-good speakers and battery, then I’d start to be tempted, hypothetically. At least the choice would be more difficult.

Everyone has his/her own requirements, which cannot be criticized by who has different ones.

As a developer, having a 16" (or even better 17") display, with a 16:10 or 3:2 aspect ratio, is a must to be productive. The extra weight (2.1Kg - 1.3Kg = 0.8Kg) for me is not even noticeable, especially once you consider the weight of the backpack and accessories.

One thing is writing notes or browsing the web for a few minutes at a time, another is working with multiple documents continuously for hours a day.